How to service a Creative Door

Service Tips & Common Issues

After 40 years of innovation in our industry, we’ve come up with plenty of tips and tricks that anyone can use to keep a garage door working at its best. If you find yourself with more involved repair needs, please contact Creative Door directly. Our customer service representatives will be glad to help you through your problem and set up a service call if it’s necessary.

With all of our service tips, it’s important that you follow these directions exactly. Because of the technical nature of the equipment, it is possible that even if you follow our instructions the repairs could fail. If you’re at all unsure, we strongly suggest you contact us and set up a service call.

Service Tips Disclaimer: The safest and easiest solution to any garage door problem is to call Creative Door and book a service call with our trained and professional technicians. The tips and procedures linked below should be done at your own risk, and should not be attempted without the proper tools and safety attire.

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