3 Steps to Buying a New Garage Door

Wood or steel? White or beige? Windows or no windows? With all the options available today, purchasing a new garage door can involve plenty of decisions. To make the process easier for you, we’ve broken it down into three steps.


1. Select the material

A good starting place is to decide which type of material is best for your home. Your options include the following:

  • Wood. The warm, natural look of woodgrain is popular with many homeowners and complements most home styles. Wood is also sturdy and a good insulator. However, wood garage doors require more upkeep than other door materials which means you may need to periodically repaint or refinish the door. Wood doors are best suited for dryer climates as opposed to warm, humid coastal climates as the door may warp in those conditions.
  • Steel. Steel requires little maintenance and is long-lasting. Models with a rust-resistant finish are suitable for all climates. Although steel garage doors are very sturdy, they can be prone to denting.
  • Aluminum Frames with Glass Panels. Aluminium is very similar to steel in appearance. However, being a softer metal, it’s less durable and more prone to denting than steel. On the other hand, aluminum is naturally rust-resistant and  there are a variety of colours and finished available, making aluminium ideal for both conventional and contemporary garage doors. Glass garage doors are modern and stylish and they allow light to flood into your garage. This is a big perk if you spend a significant amount of time in it. Glass is a good option for milder coastal regions, but as it doesn’t insulate as well as other garage door materials, it’s a less common choice in colder climates.
  • Fibreglass. If you want the natural beauty of wood without the upkeep, fibreglass garage doors are an ideal option. They can be manufactured with an authentic-looking wood finish. But, unlike wood garage doors, fibreglass doors aren’t at risk of rot or pest damage, won’t warp in humid climates, and require little work to clean and maintain.
  • Vinyl. Damage- and fade-resistant, vinyl has been dubbed the "kid-proof" garage door material because of its durability. Like steel, it has a sleek, clean appearance. However, know that you have limited colour options with vinyl and it can’t be repainted.
  • Panel style. Do you want a simple, understated look? Or maybe an ornate, classical design? The panel style is a big part of your garage door’s “personality.”
  • Colour. Many garage door models offer you a large array of colour options. For example, Wayne Dalton’s TruChoice Colour System (available with certain Wayne Dalton models) lets you choose from 6,000+ different colours. It’s recommended that you match your garage door to your front door, trim, and the other features of your home to create a unified look.
  • Windows. Most garage door models can accommodate windows of various designs, finishes, and arrangements. Windows add an esthetic touch and brighten up the inside of your garage.
  • Decorative hardware. You can embellish your garage door with decorative pieces such as door knockers, pull handles, hinges, and door studs. Decorative hardware can be used to give your garage door a classic flair or a unique look.


2. Select the degree of insulation

The interior of modern garage doors (glass garage doors aside) are filled with insulating material, either polyurethane (spray foam) or polystyrene (Styrofoam) or. It’s the amount and quality of insulation that a garage door contains, more than the garage door material itself, that determines its insulating ability, or “thermal efficiency.” Thermal efficiency in garage doors is most commonly measured by R-values, with higher R-values indicating a higher thermal efficiency.

Before deciding on a garage door model, look at its R-value and ensure that it will be adequate for your region and needs.

To learn more about R-values (and also about U-values — another way to measure thermal efficiency), read our article on the topic.


3. Select your style

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choice of material, the last step is to decide which style you want for your garage door. Most models offer various customization options, but some offer a wider array of options than others. Also, you may prefer the specific colours, panel designs, and/or other features that a particular model has to offer. Here are the main variables you’ll want to consider.

Finally, make sure you choose a reliable company like Creative Door Services for the installation of your door, and be sure to protect your investment by having it regularly serviced by a certified technician. Most garage door manufacturers recommend annual planned maintenance to ensure your door remains under warranty. We recommend consulting with your owner’s manual for more information or by calling one of the members of our team.

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