4 Ideas for Converting Your Garage into a Unique Retreat

Gifts of scarves and spa days are nice but, this year, surprise Mom with a space to call her own. Here are some ideas for converting your garage into a retreat that's close to home.

Home Gym

For busy moms, sweating it out at the gym can be a huge stress reliever and a chance to put the focus back on themselves, but it can be hard to find the time. Transforming your garage into a home gym is not only more convenient than trekking to your local fitness centre, it also cuts costs by removing expensive monthly membership fees from the equation.

Residential Garage Door

The concrete floor of your garage can be harsh on your joints and isn't ideal for exercise so consider installing a softer, epoxy flooring that's able to absorb high impact workouts. To make the most of the space, and cut down on the clutter, incorporate versatile workout equipment with more than one use such as adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells.


For the Mom in your life with a green thumb, converting an unused garage into a greenhouse makes the perfect gift. If your garage is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the majority of the day, turning it into a year-round growing space can be done with only a few upgrades.

Determine the south side of your garage and install floor to ceiling windows or a glass panel garage door, like Wayne Dalton's Contemporary Aluminum Glass Doors, to let the sun shine in. If the structure of your garage will allow it, you can also install a skylight. Your garage will also need to be outfitted with electricity and running water to help you care for your favourite plants.


From painters and crafters to woodworkers and clothing designers, all hobbyists need the perfect space to get down to business. By turning your garage into a studio where mom can indulge her creative side, she'll have a place to work in peace no matter the season.

Black Satin Aluminium Garage Door

Easily convert your existing garage by outfitting it with ample storage to keep tools organized. If your garage is windowless, consider installing a few to flood the space with natural light. For hobbies where dust and chemicals can get kicked up into the air, it's important to pay special attention to ventilation. A ceiling exhaust fan or an air ventilation system are good places to start.

Cozy Suite

Every mom deserves downtime away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The solution? Create a warm and inviting living space just steps away from home. A fresh coat of paint, new flooring, stylish furnishings, and a few personal touches can make all the difference when transforming your garage into a unique living space. For avid readers, floor to ceiling bookshelves could be a dream while those who love entertaining may prefer a wet bar.

To keep the space a comfortable temperature, you'll want to ensure that your garage is well-insulated including the garage door, which should have an R-value of 14 to 16.

If you're thinking about converting your garage, the experts at Creative Door can help you pick the best garage door for your unique space. Call us today at 1-888-621-DOOR (3667) or visit one of our eight branches across Western Canada.

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