5 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Garage Door

At Creative Door Services, we understand that a garage door is a big investment and careful consideration is needed before purchasing a new one. Prior to making a purchase decision, here are the five key questions our experts recommend that you ask yourself.


1. What kind of garage door should I buy: wood, steel, vinyl, glass, or fibreglass?

Garage doors can be constructed from a number of possible materials, including wood, steel, vinyl, glass, and fibreglass. Each material has its own distinct advantages. Here’s a brief summary of each type of material.

Although these are some of the general characteristics of the different garage door types, there can be considerable disparities between specific garage door models. For instance, although some wood garage doors lack insulation, others have a sophisticated insulation core much like that of a steel garage door. Our team will take a look at the product specs with you and help you determine which is right for the needs of your home, climate, and budget.

2. Which style of garage door should I choose?

When it comes to the style of your garage door, there a number of options to consider. For instance, you can get a garage door that’s simple and understated, that has a classic, elegant pattern, a modern design with bold colours, a rustic look, etc. The possibilities are endless.

There are also a variety of ways to customize your garage door. Homeowners can pick between various panel designs, colours, window designs and placements, and decorative hardware options (handles, hinges and knockers, etc.).

And, if you’ve settled on a wood garage door, you may be able to choose the type of wood used. You can opt for the one that looks best, or choose the type best suited to the particular climate where you live.

When it comes to selecting a style for your garage door, it’s all about finding the esthetic that complements your home the best and which aligns with your budget and has the right R-value for your climate. Naturally, it’s difficult to picture exactly how a given garage door will look on your home once its installed. That’s why Creative Door has a free online design centre where you can upload a picture of your house and then superimpose various garage door models on top to see how each one looks on you home.


3. Do I want windows?

Consider whether windows are a good option for your garage door. Windows can brighten up your garage’s interior and are often a great stylistic choice. On the other hand, having windows means a little more upkeep and, in some circumstances (depending on the size and placement), they could pose a security risk or affect the interior climate of your garage. 

4. Do I need an insulated garage door?

If your garage is attached to your home, you have a room above the garage, or you require a climate-controlled space, you should get a well-insulated garage door. Insulation is measure by R-value: the higher the R-value, the better the insulation. If you live in a region with cold winters, an R-value of 14 to 16 is ideal. If you live in a milder climate, an R-value as low as 3 may suffice.

To learn more about R-values, check out our article on the topic.

5.  What should I look for in a warranty?

There are two separate warranties you need to consider: the manufacturer’s warranty and the warranty from the company supplying and installing your garage door. Although the manufacturer’s warranty relates to structural issues, defects, deterioration and other aspects, the garage door company’s warranty relates to the installation of your garage.

It’s prudent to compare various warranties offered by different garage door manufacturers and different garage door companies.  To learn about the Creative Door Services Limited Warranty, read our primer on the subject. Please also keep in mind that the manufacturer usually requires annual maintenance and/or service to ensure your warranty remains valid.


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