5 Tips for Preventing Garage Break Ins

Is your garage a burglar's dream? Follow these tips for keeping your home safe and secure.


1. Don't Leave Your Garage Door Open

It may sound like a no-brainer, but it's easy to forget to close your garage door if you're busy working in the yard or running errands. It's important to try and be diligent about closing your garage door when it's not in use; not only can an open door welcome in unwanted visitors, but it can also give others an opportunity to see the valuables inside. For peace of mind, consider installing a timer that signals your garage door opener to close your door after a predetermined amount of time.

2. Safely Store Your Remote

Leaving your garage door remote in your glove compartment or clipped to the visor in your car may be convenient but that's often the first place thieves will look if they break into your vehicle, giving them access to your garage and possibly your home. Be sure to bring your remote into the house with you or attach it to your key ring.

3. Disable the Door

If you're going on vacation or will be away from your home for a long period of time, ensure that no one is able to access your garage by disconnecting your garage door opener. As an extra precaution, padlock the throw latch of your garage door. Remember to follow proper safety procedures or reach out to an experienced garage door professional for help.

4. Secure the Safety Release Mechanism

All automatic garage doors are equipped with a safety release mechanism controlled by a grab handle inside your garage. If your garage door opener malfunctions, the mechanism allows you to manually release and open your door. To prevent someone from tripping the mechanism from outside your garage, use a zip-tie to lock the handle in place. This will prevent burglars from easily engaging the handle but still allows for the handle to be pulled (breaking the zip-tie) in the event of an emergency.

5. Keep Up with Preventative Maintenance

Not only does preventative maintenance help reduce your long-term repair expenses and ensure the safe operation of your garage door, it can also help to keep your garage secure. Corrosion and weakened mechanical components can make it easier for burglars to break in.

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