Before & After Transformation: Classic Steel Garage Door

Escape the mundane and embrace the modern. Set your home apart from the other cookie-cutter houses in your neighbourhood with a classic steel garage door that can be modified to complement your contemporary or traditional home. Enjoy the many advantages of a steel garage door that will continue to serve you without faltering for many years.



Steel makes for a suitable material for garage doors mainly because they are relatively damage-resistant, easy to maintain, and can be customized to perfectly match your home. Constructed of two layers of steel with foamed-in-place polyurethane foam, steel garage doors are extremely durable and energy efficient. Apart from keeping your indoors warm, the high insulation rating also means that street noise will be blocked. With an R-value of 16.22, steel garage doors can withstand the harsh Canadian winters with ease. Additional safety features like tamper-resistant safety bottom brackets reduce injury and bottom seals block debris and drafts from entering inside. The door also has nylon rollers which glide effortlessly on the steel shafts for silent, smooth and reliable operation to last you many years.



Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel Garage Door Model 8300-8500 is one of the best models in Creative Door’s range of steel garage doors. Select from five panel designs including Colonial, Ranch, Sonoma, Sonoma Ranch, and Contemporary to customize your look. Experiment with vertical vs. horizontal window placement to transform the look from a traditional to contemporary style garage door. Over 6,000 colour choices are available with the TruChoice® Color System to perfectly match your new garage door with your home’s shutters, trims, and stonework panels. Wood grain finishes like Golden Oak, Walnut and Mission Oak are also available to emulate the look of real wood. Apart from standard upkeep like removing dirt and buildup over time, steel garage doors demand very little maintenance. Factory finished to resist rust and corrosion, steel garage doors are available from R7 to R17 to provide varying levels of insulation depending on your climatic region. Get the best of both, style and durability with steel garage doors that are certain to last you a lifetime.



Did you know that the best ROI on home improvement projects is by replacing your garage door? If you have plans to sell your home, then replacing your garage door for a new and improved model would definitely prove beneficial. If you’ve already got a steel garage door then further enhance it with a panel of windows. Vertically placed windows would elevate the overall look to suit a modern style while traditional horizontal window placement would match rustic homes. Garage doors are the first feature typically noticed by guests when visiting your home. To truly wow them, replacing your garage door will amp up your curb appeal and set you apart from the other ordinary homes in the neighbourhood.


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