Before & After Transformation: Specialty Vinyl Garage Door

Are you a homeowner in Vancouver in search of a garage door that will serve you relentlessly? Creative Door’s range of Specialty Vinyl garage doors is ideal for those owning property in coastal regions with frequent exposure to salt, wind, and sand. With the addition of safety features, this garage door is practically un-damageable.



Combining durability and low maintenance, vinyl garage doors are the perfect solution for homeowners who live in regions experiencing extreme weather conditions. Scratches and dents are less visible on the surface as the colour penetrates through all the layers of the material. Special ultraviolet ray coating also tackles fading and discolouration, and the fine construction also ensures that the door is protected from denting, cracks or rusting. Choose from four vinyl colour options and Colonial or Sonoma panel styles to customize the look to your liking. Glass options include clear and privacy glass to allow light indoors while still having security. The panels are insulated with polyurethane foam, which is permanently bonded to the vinyl skin for extra strength, reinforcement, and warmth. With an insulation rating of R11.75, vinyl garage doors would even serve the Canadian winters well.



Wayne Dalton’s Specialty Vinyl Model 8700 garage doors are coated with a special UV-Resin layer that’s composed of polymers which act as a barrier in preventing the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating through the sheets and causing fading. Vinyl panels are available in four colour choices including Glacier White, Adobe Cream, Monterey Sand, and Cape Cod Gray to bring out the earthy shades in your home’s shutters, trims, and doors. Also adding hardware and window decorations to our selection of designer window patterns will further elevate the look to deliver elegance and style.



Frequent maintenance and checkups on your garage door should be a high-priority item on your list of annual home servicing duties. Neglecting to address concerns can result in serious injury considering that the garage door is a heavy piece of machinery with a lot of power running it. It is of utmost importance to maintain your garage in top shape mainly to avoid costly repairs, keep your family safe, ensure longevity, retain smooth operation, and protect your warranty. Often it is the small problems that we choose to neglect that later result in extensive damage and big repair bills. These issues can be controlled with regular planned maintenance by our experienced service technicians who can easily detect and correct your garage door issues and save you money in the long run. Get your door serviced today.

Did you know that some manufacturers require that you have your garage door serviced by a certified technician at least once a year in order to preserve the validity of your warranty? Make sure you check your warranty for your garage door’s specific model you meet the terms and conditions. We recommend getting your door serviced once a year.

 At Creative Door, “no” isn’t an option because we will pull all the stops to source the best solution for your garage door problems. Contact our team today for a quote at any of our locations and let us help you transform your home.

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