Winnipeg is having a moment right now. In all of Western Canada, it was selected as the destination of choice for the opening of an outdoor thermal spa, and new businesses are popping up in select neighbourhoods, injecting them with fresh vigor.

With revitalization comes home renovation and new construction. Here are a few trendsetting neighbourhoods that we’ve identified and garage door styles that would feel at home there.

Natural Oasis

As alluded to the above, tucked into the forested area of Crescent Park near Fort Garry sits the enchanting Thermëa Nordic spa—magical despite the city’s sub-zero climate. Or because of it—that famous Winnipeg wind chill has nothing on those heated outdoor pools and saunas.

Residents here are treated to an abundance of green spaces with tree-lined walkways, paths, parklands, and golf courses. The prevailing home exterior aesthetic is woodsy and organic. So a natural choice for a garage door is the Richards-Wilcox Contemporary Rockwood Series made with handcrafted genuine red cedar over insulated steel, and an arctic-grade weather seal.

Another nod to the new Nordic vibe of the neighbourhood is Martin Door’s Chalet door style. With composite wood overlays, you get the authentic look of wood without the upkeep. Plus, 24-guage steel and double insulation for an R-value of 18 means the harshest elements—like that biting cold and melting heat—stay outside where they belong.


Classic Charm

North River Heights and surrounding neighbourhoods of Sir John Franklin and Crescentwood run the length of Academy Road lined with a steady influx of upscale shops and restaurants. Notables are Tiber River Naturals, the lauded Fusion Grill, and British gastro-pub The Grove.

Residences include Georgian and Tudor-style homes, and fairytale hobbit-like dwellings with stone facades draped with ivy. Wayne Dalton’s Carriage House Door Model 6600 is ideal—it has an acceptable R-value of 12 for Winnipeg’s climate and blends beautifully with wood, brick, and stone exteriors, highlighting the character and heritage appeal of these homes.

Alternatively, Wayne Dalton's Classic Steel Doors (8300-8500) offer elegance and a powerhouse insulated R-value of 16. And, with all Wayne Dalton doors comes the TruChoice™ Colour System with over 6,000 colours for a customized paint treatment to complement any style of home.


Revitalized Riverfront

Popular with young couples and families, Riverview in South Osborne is blazing a trail. New ventures such as The Oxbow bistro, with its vintage warehouse look and feel, and Cheaban ice cream shop are appearing in long-vacant storefronts on the Osborne Street main drag.

Due to the neighbourhoods’ affordability, and the bustle of amenities and shops cropping up, new infill homes and renovations are about to become a way of life here. With its proximity to the copper rooftops of Osborne Village and St. Boniface, the rustic patina of our Martin Door Copper Elite Series is a fitting (though admittedly luxurious) accent to the neighbourhood milieu.

Another option that fits the bill is our Wayne Dalton Designer Fiberglass Doors with Horizontal V-Groove panels and vertical windows for sturdy performance and a clean contemporary look. These come with pinch-resistant panel joints to protect little fingers, making this door a solid family choice.


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