Common Repairs for Warehouse Loading Docks and Overhead Doors

Many commercial and industrial operations rely on their loading dock and overhead doors to keep their operation running smoothly. However, frequent use and extreme weather can cause certain components to wear out, increasing the chances of an unexpected breakdown. To keep your loading dock and overhead doors in top shape, it’s important to keep up with regular repairs. Here’s an overview of six common repairs you shouldn’t ignore.

forklift bringing boxes into loading area of commercial warehouse

Damaged Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are a vital part of any loading dock and overhead door system. They help counterbalance the weight of the door so that it can open and close with ease. Standard torsion springs are rated for around 10,000 cycles. Therefore, if you run a busy commercial operation, your torsion springs could wear out after just a few years. If your door won’t stay open, you probably need to have them fixed. However, since torsion springs are under extremely high pressure, you should never attempt to repair them on your own. Doing so could cause serious harm. It’s best to call in a professional to have them serviced.

Worn-Out Cables

Most loading dock and overhead doors employ heavy-duty cables made of strands of galvanized wire to help support the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers. These cables are generally very strong and can operate for years without incident. However, everyday wear and tear can eventually take its toll, causing the cables to lose tension, fray, or snap. If your commercial door system is squeaking, shaking, or operating strangely, this could mean a cable has worn out and it’s time to call a professional.

Rundown Rollers

Rollers are a key component of your loading dock and overhead door system as they allow the door to open and close swiftly and smoothly. When the rollers begin to wear, your commercial overhead door may become jammed, open and close more slowly, or move irregularly along the track. This puts unnecessary strain on your door opener and could also make your warehouse temporarily vulnerable to thieves, vermin, and inclement weather. It’s best to repair worn-out rollers promptly to avoid further damage and the need for costly repairs.

interior of loading dock with leveler and steel door

Broken Panels

It’s common for the panels on sectional loading dock and overhead doors to periodically become damaged in high-traffic facilities. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to repair individual sections. It’s important, however, to get the damaged panel repaired right away, otherwise, the rollers, tracks, and opener could become damaged too. Keep in mind that if two or more panels have been damaged, the safety and integrity of the door may be compromised making it a wise decision to invest in an entirely new door.

Misaligned Tracks

Most loading dock and overhead doors have metal tracks to guide the door up and down. In high-traffic facilities, it’s common for the tracks to become warped, damaged, or misaligned after accidentally being hit. However, once these tracks become damaged, the system won’t function properly. In most cases, a qualified technician can straighten or repair the track. However, if the damage is severe, the entire track may need to be replaced.

Faulty Sensors

Over time, the photo-eye sensors on your automatic loading dock and overhead door systems may become caked with dirt or become misaligned. If your overhead door opens slightly but then immediately closes, you likely need to look into having the photo-eyes serviced. Additionally, if you’re having connectivity issues, you may need to get your remote control or wall station connections inspected and repaired.

If your commercial loading dock or overhead door access system requires professional attention, the team at Creative Door Services™ has you covered. Our expert repair technicians have the experience and tools needed to get the job done right.

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Our Commercial Planned Maintenance Program

The best way to prolong the life of your warehouse’s loading dock and overhead doors is regular maintenance. Fortunately, at Creative Door Services™, we offer a planned maintenance program. Once you sign up for it, a technician will periodically visit your property to inspect your system, ensure it’s in good working condition, and make any necessary repairs. This will help reduce downtime, increase safety, and improve productivity.

Call Creative Door Services™ for Loading Dock and Overhead Door Repairs

Safety and reliability are key when performing daily warehouse operations. Fortunately, Creative Door Services™ carries an extensive lineup of safe, reliable, and durable loading dock equipment and overhead doors for commercial applications. Our team of expert technicians can also install, repair, and maintain your door systems.

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