The Spec Miata Celebrations

The summer months are the perfect time to rev up the engines and head to the races. The Northern Alberta Sports Car Club held the Spec Miata Celebrations on June 23 and 24, 2018, at the Castrol Raceway in Leduc County, Alberta. Creative Door was happy to sponsor Cory Ussyk of Dirt Axe Trenching, a valued customer and contractor, when he participated in the races.

Team members from our Edmonton branch were present at the celebration to show their support for Cory and the other racers who set off on the tracks early in the morning. Cory had a good start and took off gently on the first lap to feel out the car. Followed by a couple of hot laps, the car was sounding great and reacting well to the speed. Unfortunately, this did not last for too long and things took a turn for the worse.


Cory was on his fifth lap and began accelerating through the corner when he suddenly realized that there was no second gear in the car. After making it through the remainder of the track, Cory exited to the pit area where it was confirmed that he did not indeed have a second gear. His car was then transported to Cory’s shop where he had a spare transmission and the proper tools to get the car running again. The crew laboured on into the evening, but it was decided that the repairs were extensive and Cory would not be able to continue in the race. The weekend of adrenalin, excitement, and racing had to come to an end.


Cory hopes to have his car up and running for the next race at the Castrol Raceway on August 25 and 26, 2018. He remains very optimistic that it will be a weekend full of racing.


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