Different Types of Roll-Up Overhead Doors

A roll-up door is an ideal option for businesses looking for a reliable, heavy-duty, space-saving door for their business. This type of overhead door has a metal curtain that rolls up and stows in a barrel mounted at the top of the door’s assembly.

Unlike a sectional door, a roll-up door has no tracks, wheels, hinges, or cables. As a result, it requires little maintenance and repair. It also takes up minimal space since it doesn’t attach to the ceiling.

Here’s an overview of the different types and models of roll-up doors available for commercial and industrial applications.

Roll-Up Sheet Doors

Roll-up sheet doors are similar to rolling doors in their operation and in their compact design. The key difference is that whereas rolling doors are made up of interlocking slats, roll-up sheet doors use sheets of corrugated steel.

Quality roll-up sheet doors are made of strong steel or aluminum, but generally are used for lighter-duty applications such as retail spaces, self-storage facilities, and outbuildings.

Creative Door Services™ offers a variety of Wayne Dalton roll-up sheet doors, ranging from smaller, lightweight doors for ticket booths and mini storage facilities to heavy-duty doors for commercial applications such as loading docks.


High-Performance Roll-Up Doors

A high-performance roll-up door is designed for high-traffic areas, as it provides fast, reliable operation. High-performance doors come in a range of materials, including steel, aluminum, rubber, and vinyl.

Creative Door Services™ carries a large selection of high-performance roll-up doors, including the Speed-Guardian 4000HR, TNR Model HDS, TNR Chillfast, and TNR HDE.

These overhead doors serve a wide range of applications. For example, the TNR HDE is a rubber high-performance door designed to withstand the dirtiest, toughest workplaces. It can handle forklift and vehicle impact as well as extreme weather. This door is perfect for manufacturing facilities in sectors such as mining, petroleum, agriculture, pulp and paper, and steel.

As for the TNR Chillfast, this door is ideal for use as a freezer door in food processing facilities. Not only can it withstand freezing temperatures, it also minimizes temperature loss and prevents ice build-up.


Rolling Fire Doors

A rolling fire door is a fire-rated roll-up door that prevents the spread of fire thanks to its fire-resistant materials and its fire detection mechanism. A fire door will also automatically close in the event of a fire. This type of door is typically made of heavy-duty galvanized steel interlocking slats and includes fire-resistant insulation. Rolling fire doors are designed for regular daily use in commercial and industrial workplaces.

Creative Door Services™ carries the Wayne Dalton FireStar® Rolling Fire Door Model 700C. Approved for a minimum of 20,000 cycles, the FireStar® Rolling Fire Door delivers reliable operation. The door has been tested and approved to meet the requirements of trusted agencies such as Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories.

In addition to providing superior fire protection, this door can be drop tested easily and reset in seconds, eliminating downtime. The FireStar® Rolling Fire Door is available with accessories such as a smoke detector, horn and strobes, and fire door release device.

Why Choose Rolling Doors?

The distinguishing feature of rolling overhead doors is their interlocking metal slats, which allow the door to roll up quickly and quietly while providing maximum security.

Businesses that use rolling doors include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, parking garages, car washes, and airports.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing this type of roll-up door:

  • They’re durable
    Rolling doors are able to withstand heavy abuse and provide dependable operation thanks to their rigid design. The curtain is made of heavy-gauge steel or aluminum.
  • They’re safe
    The heavy-gauge metal interlocking slats prevent a rolling door from getting pried open. The heavy-duty bottom bar reinforces the curtain and accommodates locks and a safety edge (which ensures that the door reverses as soon as it makes contact with anything when closing). Additional safety features such as a built-in breaking mechanism and photo eyes are also available with certain models.
  • They’re efficient
    Rolling doors are available in high-speed configurations for high-traffic operations. The closing speed is slower than the opening speed to comply with safety standards.

Creative Door Services™ installs a large selection of industrial-grade rolling doors. All models are customizable and available in a range of sizes, with a maximum height and width of 40 feet.

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Roll-Up Overhead Doors In Western Canada

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