4 Most Common Commercial Overhead Door Repairs

At Creative Door Services™ , our expertly trained technicians are available around the clock to provide you with high-quality repair services for your overhead doors. We get the job done quickly and do it right the first time, ensuring your operation can continue to run smoothly. Here are four common commercial overhead door issues that every business owner with an overhead door should know about.

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1. Damaged or Misaligned Tracks

Most commercial doors run on metal tracks that guide the door as it opens and closes. If these tracks become warped, damaged, or misaligned, the door won’t function properly. In addition, the damage will get worse over time and may eventually cause the tracks to buckle. Track damage is most often caused by a vehicle or a piece of equipment colliding with the door.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a qualified overhead door technician may be able to straighten or repair the track. If the damage is severe, the entire track may need to be replaced.

2. Dirty or Damaged Rollers

Rollers allow overhead doors to move smoothly along their tracks. Over time, however, they can become packed with dirt and debris. They can also become worn, rusted, or damaged, especially if their maintenance has been neglected. If this happens, your overhead door may strain to open and close or make squeaking or grinding noises.

In most cases, cleaning and lubricating the rollers will get things back up and running. This is a task that should be performed at least twice a year, ideally by an overhead door professional. However, if your rollers are overly worn or have become damaged, they’ll need to be replaced. A skilled technician can swap them out and ensure there’s no underlying damage.

3. Worn or Damaged Torsion Springs

Torsion springs counterbalance the weight of overhead doors, allowing them to open and close with ease. Without a properly functioning torsion spring, your operator wouldn’t be able to lift the door off the ground. A standard torsion spring is rated at about 10,000 cycles, so busy commercial operations often see their torsion springs wear out after only a few years.

If a torsion spring fails, it will put your overhead door out of commission. What’s more, a sudden breakdown can have dire consequences, as it can cause the overhead door to come crashing down. This is one reason why planned maintenance for your overhead door system is so important.

Squeaking in the torsion spring is a sure sign that it needs to either be lubricated or replaced. These tasks should always be left to an overhead door professional. Torsion springs are under extremely high pressure and shouldn’t be handled by anyone who isn’t an expert in overhead door systems.

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4. Worn or Dented Sections and Panels

In high traffic commercial facilities, it isn’t unusual for overhead doors to take a bit of a beating. Since your overhead door is part of an interconnected system, it’s very important to get dented or damaged panels replaced right away. If you don’t, the door may become misaligned and the rollers, tracks, and opener system could also become damaged.

If a section of your overhead door is worn out or dented, a technician can assess the damage and determine whether it can be replaced. If not, replacing the entire door may be necessary. Request a service call today!

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Overhead Door Installation and Repair Services Across Western Canada

Creative Door Services™ strives to provide prompt and reliable service when you need it most. Whether you’re looking for someone to fix a specific component on your overhead door, you need a new overhead door or intelligent access solutions product, or you want to get an overhead door operator replaced, you can count on our skilled technicians. No job is too big or small for our dedicated team. Most of our locations offer 24/7 call-in emergency service, so you can get a hold of a technician anytime there’s a serious problem.

To schedule a service call for your overhead doors, contact us at one of our eight locations across Western Canada. You can find us in Vancouver, British Columbia; Kelowna, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Fort McMurray, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba

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