Garage Door Parts You Need a Professional to Change

While there are some home improvement projects that can be completed safely by a savvy DIYer, others require professional training. At Creative Door Services™, we’re no stranger to being called in to fix a messy installation or hazardous repair attempt. We know the dangers of garage repair and parts replacement. Even if all you need to do is replace a couple of garage door parts, some of these can be challenging or downright dangerous to install.

Take it from our qualified technicians: it’s best not to attempt garage door repairs yourself, unless you are a professional garage door certified technician. The following parts are those that should always be replaced by a professional.

garage door overhead view of rollers on tracks

1) Rollers

Garage door rollers require proper maintenance. These are the wheels that run along the metal tracks on each side of the garage door every time it’s opened or closed—on average, 1,500 times per year! It’s one of the most commonly replaced parts of a garage door, but doing so can be extremely dangerous. This is because the bottom rollers are usually supported by the bottom brackets and mistakenly loosening the wrong bolt could cause the door to fall, resulting in serious injury or death.

garage door panel hinges

2) Hinges

Door panel hinges can break or become worn out and, while replacing them isn’t necessarily as dangerous as replacing rollers, they can be challenging. This is because poor installation can result in damage to the garage door, such as warping the tracks if the hinges are too loose. For this reason, hinge replacement is best left to a pro.

garage door torsion springs close up

3) Torsion springs

Torsion springs, which are the most common type of spring you’ll find in residential garage doors, are secured to a metal shaft with cable drums at each end and balance the door by applying torque to the shaft. The cables are secured to the bottom bracket. As the door opens and closes, the spring unwinds and winds so the door moves at an appropriate speed and stays open.

Spring replacement is one of the most dangerous garage door repairs to perform, especially for someone who isn’t trained. This is because the springs are under a lot of tension, meaning you could sustain a potentially fatal injury if you don’t use the right tools and procedures. Additionally, there’s a huge risk of damaging your garage door, garage door opener, and various components of the system.

4) Extension springs and pulleys

Extension springs, another type of spring used to fabricate garage doors, are just as dangerous to replace as torsion springs, as they can break at any moment and cause a serious injury. Replacing a pulley also requires levelling the garage door, which is a time-consuming and difficult task.

5) Cables and cable drums

The cables connect the bottom bracket to the shaft, allowing the door to smoothly move up and down. Since they’re under a lot of tension, they’re subject to fraying and over time, they could break. This can cause an injury or property damage. Because of this, and because cable replacements involve working with dangerous parts, it’s best to have a professional perform the repair.

In addition, improperly installed cables could easily fail, sending the garage door sideways or off the track, leading to much more expensive repairs and possible injuries.

6) Garage door opener

A problem with a garage door opener can be frustrating, but you might want to consider thinking twice before attempting to fix it yourself. The main problem in this case is that diagnosing the issue isn’t always easy, which means you could spend a lot of time trying to perform the wrong fix or even make things worse by accident. Openers are fairly complex systems and pinpointing the problem isn’t easy if you aren’t familiar with the device or the manufacturer, and we encourage you to browse through our troubleshooting tips to determine if you need professional help with your garage door.

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