Garage Door Troubleshooting: Why Does My Garage Door Motor Keep Running?

If your garage door opener runs when you use your remote but the door itself won’t open, it may not be clear what the problem is. Here are the five most common causes of this issue and some expert tips for overcoming it.

1.) The trolley’s disengaged

All garage doors have a manual disconnect. In most cases, this lever hangs down from the trolley on a red rope. Tugging down on the rope disconnects the trolley from the garage door opener, which prevents the opener from moving the door. When this component is disengaged, the garage door opener will run but the door will remain in place.

Re-engaging the trolley is simple. On most garage door systems, you simply pull the emergency release rope up and back toward the opener to cause the trolley to snap back into place.

However, if the emergency release becomes jammed, you’ll need to get a garage door technician to repair it. Our team can tackle it all – request a service call.


2.) The door's stuck

Inspect your garage door to determine if it’s travelling smoothly along the garage door tracks. To do this, you have to temporarily disengage the trolley. Ensure that no one is in the path of the garage and pull down on the emergency release. You can then manually open and close your garage door (don’t worry, it will be very lightweight, thanks to the garage door springs). Disengaging the trolley may allow you to see what’s causing your garage door to get stuck, whether it’s a kink in the track, a bum roller, or an obstruction.

Sometimes, a simple fix is all that’s needed. For example, you may simply need to remove dirt and debris from the track. Other times, you may need to call in a professional, which will certainly be the case if your track has become bent or damaged.

3.) The door’s too heavy for the opener

If you recently replaced your opener or garage door, it’s possible that they’re incompatible and the opener isn’t powerful enough to handle the size and weight of your garage door. A professional garage door installer can be counted on not to make this error. However, this problem will sometimes arise as a result of do-it-yourself installations.

If you suspect that your garage door opener and door are mismatched, call in a garage door technician to perform an inspection and install a more powerful opener.

4.) The opener has a worn gear

If you have a chain drive opener, a worn gear could be what’s preventing your door from opening and closing. The motor in in this type of opener rotates a gear that consequently moves the chain in your garage door system. If the teeth in this gear are overly worn, it will no longer be able to move the chain: the motor will run and the gear will turn, but the chain and door won’t respond. This may occur if a chain or belt was installed too tightly,

If you believe there may be an issue with the gears or other components of your opener, call in a garage door technician to perform an inspection.


5.) The spring broke

Garage door springs are typically rated at 10,000 cycles and last seven to 12 years. If the spring breaks, your opener will no longer be able to lift your garage door. A properly functioning spring system is needed to handle this heavy load (a garage door weighs between 130 and 400 pounds). However, your garage door motor will likely keep trying.

Note that most garage doors have a torsion spring (a large, thick spring situated directly above the door), but some older garage door systems have a pair of extension springs, which are located above the upper tracks on either side of the door.

Sometimes a visual inspection will make it clear that a spring is broken. In particular, look for a visible gap of at least two inches in whatever type of spring your garage door opener system uses.

If your garage door spring is broken, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. As spring systems are under extreme tension, it’s very dangerous to undertake a repair without the proper tools and technique. Always call in a garage door technician if you suspect you have a broken spring.


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