Getting a Gate: Why It’s a Good Thing

Considering getting a gate installed on your property? Not sure if it’s worth the investment? Here’s everything you need to know before you make your final decision.

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Before we get into the steps you should take when selecting a gate, here are a few key benefits of having one:

They Provide Extra Protection to Your Property

Gates are a visible barrier between you and intruders. This added layer of privacy helps keep passing eyes from seeing your valuables, and today’s automated gates come with advanced features that make it nearly impossible to enter without great force.

They’re Convenient

An automatic gate requires no manual operation to open or close it. Plus, you never have to get out of your vehicle to pass through, which is especially great for bad-weather days.

They Look Great

Not only does a gate add instant curb appeal to your home, but if you ever wish to sell your property, it will increase your home’s market value.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits, what’s the best approach in deciding what gate is right for you?

Start By Choosing a Model

The most common types of gates and automation systems for residential homeowners include:

Swing Gates

Available as a single or double option, swing gates add instant appeal to your property, and are a great security measure for your yard, walkway, or fence. These gates open inwards or outwards, much like a door, and come in a range of styles and materials.

TIP: A single swing gate is terrific for narrow driveways and paths, while a double swing gate works well for larger developments or those truly wanting to make a grand entrance.


Slide Gates

The smooth, compact operation of slide gates make them a favourite amongst homeowners.  Slide gates feature a space-saving design that enables them to collapse into a self-contained frame to open and close. This style of gate slides open and can be designed with a bottom track or cantilever track system, depending on your preferences.

TIP: Opt for a slide gate if you have a larger entryway with limited surrounding space.


Next, Select a Material

Gates are manufactured using four materials:

Glass gates provide contemporary sophistication and work best in warmer clients, such as Kelowna.

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Aluminum gates, the most popular option, are lightweight and durable. Plus, they don’t rust, making them ideal for snowy cities like Edmonton.


Steel gates are extremely powerful and require little maintenance to keep them performing their best.

Wood gates offer rustic charm but require more maintenance than the other materials, and aren’t the best option for rainy climates like Vancouver.


Next Up: Let Us Help!

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