Who’s excited for the 105th Grey Cup?

We are! So much so that we’ve come up with tips for hosting an awesome Grey Cup party right in your garage.

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For Canadians, the next best thing from hockey is the Canadian Football League. It’s an all-Canadian battle—the West versus the East. Since fall means playoff season, it’s a chance to gather your family and friends to cheer on your favourite team.

Grey Cup Party in Your Garage

As tension stirs up and cheers get louder, it’s time to get the party invites out. Here are some tips to get your garage ready for this year’s Grey Cup.

Set Up Your Garage for the Party

Sports Decorations

There’s no need for elaborate decorations—the simpler the better. A few posters of your team, your favourite players, or little knickknacks like a football or helmets will do.

“Front Row” Seats

Give your guests that VIP, front-row experience. Fans love to be on the edge of their seats when the game-winning touchdown happens. Have the furniture and chairs set up around the TV so everyone has a nice view of the game. Spread the seats out so people have room to move when the sports jitters and buzz kick in.

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Stay Warm

When the Grey Cup is on, snow is usually on the ground, so it’ll get pretty chilly without a heater.If you haven’t winterized your garage, here’s a great article to help you prepare your garage for the cold season. Otherwise, space heaters will keep your guests toasty throughout the game.

Pub-style Food

Try to keep the food pretty basic as well. A buffet of finger foods works well with sport games. Decorate the table with a green cloth, and add white lines to resemble a football field. Fill it with pub-style food like nachos, wings, cheese dip or pulled pork buns. A veggie tray is also great snack, along with a bowl of chips.

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Audio and Visual Preparation

If you want to be the talk of the block with your Grey Cup party, the bigger, the better. Do you know someone that has a projector? Borrow it for the party and screen the game on your garage wall or projector screen. But don’t forget, the audio impact is just as important. Surround sound will throw you right into the game, as you hear the cheers (or boos) from all around.

Party Games

Add a little extra fun to the party. Prepare some friendly games ahead of time to make your party memorable. Best dressed or best cheer are classic games to include. Place a friendly wager before the game to add more suspense to the party. Or, have a mini cook-off for the best snack brought to the party. Maybe you’ll discover a new fan food favourite for the next party.

No matter which team wins, your party will for sure be a winner. Wrap up the party by announcing the best dressed and loudest fan, and make sure everyone has a safe ride home.

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