It’s time to check your list twice to make sure you have gift ideas for everyone on it. But every year, there’s that person who already has everything. Well, ho-ho-hold the panic—we’ve got plenty of ideas up our stocking that focus around a room used every day, but rarely thought of: the garage.

Read on for a few holiday gift ideas that will bring you and your gift recipient joy—they’ll get something unique, and you’ll get your holiday shopping wrapped up in the nick of time.

Grinch-Proof Goody

Keep the Grinch out of your garage with one of the best door locks you can get. The LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock is a power deadbolt that works in tandem with your garage door opener. It’s relatively easy to install at the side of your garage door—or install two on either side for iron-clad security. Just remember that this lock is only compatible with garage door openers that bear the Security Shield logo. (Of course, you could always toss in a new opener, too.)

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Regularly scheduled garage door Planned Maintenance shows you care about their safety. They’ll get the deluxe treatment: a 15-point safety inspection and a 12-point mechanical overview, which includes cables, hinges, rollers, tracks, door balance, sensors, spring tension, and more. Our certified technicians will even lubricate bearings and check that remotes are working properly. Your lucky gift recipient will appreciate the peace of mind all year long.

Handy Stocking Stuffers

A person may know they need to replace those rusted garage door hinges or cracked weather stripping, but who gets around to it? Give the gift of getting it done. We’ve got a stash of new replacement parts to rival Santa’s workshop, such as photo eye sensors, brackets, drums, rails, mounts, even conversion kits and replacement garage door sections. Yes, some may be a bit large for a stocking, but you can put a bow on it. Plus, we have service elves to install any or all of these.

TIP: Good things come in big packages, too. Consider the wow factor of a brand-new shiny garage door. We’ve got styles for every home and budget. Perfect as a gift to yourself, or if you’re going for a jolly big impression.

Gaga for Gadgets

We’ve got great gifts for the gadget inclined. From mini universal remote controls, to door and gate monitors, to a remote light control that operates home lighting using a garage remote or smartphone with the LiftMaster MyQ app.

The ‘James Bond’ of Garage Door Openers

For the discerning type, we bring you the LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount. This streamlined unit packs everything an overhead garage door opener does (and more) into a sleek and stylish wall unit. In addition to freeing up ceiling space, it boasts stealth and powerful operation, advanced rolling code encryption technology for sophisticated security, and the LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock. Add to this, remote door and gate monitoring and MyQ technology for smartphone operation, and they’ll be ready for action.

NOTE: For owners of overhead garage door openers, consider giving a Ceiling Mount that tucks away cords for a cleaner-looking garage.

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