How To Fall In Love With Your Garage All Over Again

February may be the month when Cupid takes aim with his bow and arrow, but it’s also the perfect time to rediscover your love for your garage! Although you likely pass through it every day, garages tend to be one of the most overlooked rooms in the home. Here are four tips for transforming your garage into a space you love.


1. Declutter and organize your garage

One of the great things about garages is that they usually provide a lot of storage space. However, if you need to rummage around to find your things, you likely won’t appreciate having this extra area to keep your belongings. If your garage is starting to fall into chaos, put aside some time to restore order. Start with sweeping and cleaning the garage, then proceed to improving your storage system.

You may want to consider installing wall shelves, overhead storage, cabinets, or hooks. These storage features allow you to maximize your storage space. They also keep items off the ground, increasing the useable square footage in your garage. Be sure to group similar items in the same area or the same container, whether it’s garden tools, sports gear, seasonal items, etc. Always label your boxes and consider using transparent storage bins that allow you to see the contents.


2. Convert your garage into a living space

If you don’t use your garage as a place to park your vehicle, consider renovating it. You could transform this underused space into an office, a home gym, a man cave, or even a guest room. As part of the renovation, you may want to replace the garage door. For example, a glass garage door may be the best option for an indoor garden or home gym, and a highly insulating garage is a wise choice for a room you plan to heat, be it an office, guest room or play room.

For more garage conversion ideas, and inspiration check out our article on this topic.


3. Save money on heating with better insulation

Who doesn’t like to save money? By taking steps to better insulate your garage and thereby reduce your energy bill, you’ll start to feel a new-found appreciation for your garage. This is a particularly worthwhile project if you heat your garage but, even if you don’t, you can still save a pretty penny by improving the insulation. This is because the cold air in your garage tends to pass into your home and cause your heating system to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature and vise versa during the summer months. In particular, this is likely to be the case if you have a room above your garage, as the cold air will rise and pass through the floorboards. Having good insulation in the ceiling of your garage goes a long way toward preventing the cold air from penetrating this room.

In addition, the construction of your garage door plays an important role in insulating your garage. A more energy-efficient door will help trap in heat and keep out the cold. The key variable here is the door’s R-value, which measures thermal efficiency.


4. Enhance the look of your garage door

This February, enhance how your garage looks inside and out. As for the exterior, this means improving its curb appeal. If your garage door has started to collect dirt and grime, it’s time to give it a cleaning. If you need some tips on how to do this, read our step-by-step guide on how to clean a garage door.

If you have a wood garage door that’s beginning to fade, peel, or crack, you may want to repaint or re-stain it. This should be done at least once every few years. In addition to freshening up the look of your door, painting and re-staining helps protect the wood.

If you have a fibreglass door and it’s starting to look faded, then it’s probably time to varnish it. Fibreglass doors require a top clear coat every one to three years, depending on sun exposure.

Another way to spruce up your garage door is with decorative hardware: hinges, door knockers, door studs, and other accessories can give your garage door a bit of flair. Most of the garage doors we carry can be embellished with decorative hardware.

Or maybe you want to update you garage door altogether? If so, replacing it with a snazzy new one that complements the style of your home will help you to better appreciate not only your garage, but also your property as a whole. A garage door replacement is a particularly attractive option if yours is nearing the end of its lifespan.

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