How to Get Your Automatic Gate Back on Track

Has your driveway gate gone off its track? If so, the team at Creative Door Services™ is here to provide expert advice. Here’s what you should know.

What Should You Do If Your Gate Derails?

If your gate goes off its track, immediately stop using it to avoid potentially damaging the gate or its components. To prevent others from using it, put it into manual mode using the manual disconnect feature.

In most cases, it’s best to call in a professional repair and maintenance technician if your gate derails. For one, gates are extremely heavy, with the average residential gate weighing upwards of 250 pounds. Trying to move the gate yourself could result in injury. It could also result in further damage to your gate system.

Keep in mind that a gate doesn’t fall off its track for no reason. There are almost always underlying issues, from worn-out wheels to an uneven track. These problems need to be identified and fixed by a qualified gate technician.


What Causes A Driveway Gate To Derail?

Here are a few things that can cause an automatic gate to fall off its track:

  • A crooked gate
    Gates can become bent or crooked due to impact or just regular wear and tear. If your gate is crooked and sits unevenly, it could fall off its track. In addition, operating a crooked gate accelerates wear in the wheels, track, and other gate parts.
  • Worn wheels
    Over time, wheels wear down and are likely to cause the gate to close more roughly. If the wear is extensive, the wheels might jam and cause the gate to derail.

    Inspecting the condition of the wheels is part of regular gate upkeep. It’s also important to keep the wheels well lubricated.
  • A worn track
    Like the gate’s wheels, its track is prone to wear and tear. A worn track is likely to result in jerky movements when you open and close the gate, which can then cause the gate to derail. Tracks can also become bent, dented, or cracked, affecting gate operation and potentially resulting in derailment.
  • Obstructions
    Sticks, rocks, and debris can get caught in the tracks and cause the gate to derail. In winter, ice, and snow can do the same. In some cases, you can simply remove the obstruction and replace the gate (just remember that you’re dealing with a very heavy piece of equipment). However, often the gate sustains damage due to hitting the ground, comprising its structural integrity and affecting gate operation. If this is the case, professional gate repair will be needed.

    To prevent your gate from hitting an obstacle and derailing, sweep your tracks on a regular basis.
  • Uneven foundation
    A track needs to sit on perfectly level ground. It’s possible, however, for soil movement to disrupt the gate’s foundation and for the track and gate system to become unbalanced thereby resulting in a derailment. The best way to guard against this is by having your gate installed and inspected by reliable gate technicians. An experienced gate company takes measures to prevent soil movement from becoming a problem.
  • Neglected upkeep
    To work smoothly, a gate system requires regular upkeep. This includes cleaning the gate, applying lubrication to its moving parts, looking for rust and damage, and checking for track issues. If gate maintenance is neglected, a host of problems can result, including gate derailment.

    For more information about how to maintain your driveway gate, refer to our ultimate maintenance timeline.
  • Poor installation
    A do-it-yourself installation can result in an unbalanced gate system, an uneven foundation, and various other issues that can cause the gate to eventually go off its track. Always entrust your gate installation to a dependable company. If you think your gate may have been incorrectly installed, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect the handiwork and make any necessary adjustments.

What Are the Signs That Your Automatic Gate Could Derail?

Here are some indicators that your gate might fall off its track:

  • The gate sways back and forth when in use
  • The gate is crooked, bent, or visibly unbalanced
  • The gate is noisy to operate
  • The gate opens and closes with rough or jerky movements
  • The track is damaged
  • The wheels are worn-out

If you notice these warning signs, be sure to get your gate system serviced by a qualified technician as soon as possible.


Professional Gate Installation and Repair in Western Canada

If your driveway gate has derailed or is in need of repair or maintenance, turn to the experienced team at Creative Door Services™. We can also replace or upgrade your residential gate system and are proficient at installing customized automatic swing gates and slide gates.

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