How to Keep Your Garage Secure This Summer

With the May long weekend soon approaching, many Canadians are getting ready for their first vacation of the season. Whether you’re taking off for a weekend getaway to the mountains near Calgary or hitting the beaches in Kelowna for an extended holiday, it’s important you take the right measures to ensure your garage is secure at all times.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from unwanted theft while you’re away—and even when you’re not.

Keep your garage door closed at all times

Seems simple enough, right? The reality is, however, that many of us leave our garage doors open and unattended while working in the yard or running groceries into the house.

It only takes a moment for an unwanted party to snatch your valuables, so always close the door when you’re out of sight, and take a few seconds to ensure your garage door is completely closed any time you leave your home through the garage.

Lock it up

Garage doors often provide direct access to the home itself, which is ideal for burglars. Decrease this risk by installing a padlock or deadbolt to both your garage doors and the door leading into your house. To make unwanted entry impossible, put a bolt through a hole in the track of the door.

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Cover all windows

One of the easiest ways to deter thieves is by hiding the goods in your garage. Blinds or shades are a simple solution, while a frosted, non-transparent window film will keep your contents concealed without preventing sunlight from passing through.

Install motion lights

While it feels good to be in the spotlight, preying prowlers tend to prefer staying under the radar. Motion detector lights are a great way to keep thieves at bay. Set lights on a timer to create the illusion you are home, which will surprise unwanted guests and make them flee the scene.

Store your remote

Chances are, you’d never leave your house key on your front porch, so why leave your garage door opener inside your vehicle? Doing so puts you at risk for unauthorized entry into your garage and potentially your home. Always bring your opener with you to prevent it from being stolen.

TIP: Attach your opener to your keychain so you never have to wonder where it is.

Consider going smart

Garage door systems are wiser than ever these days, offering state-of-the-art technology that enables you to monitor and control your garage door from virtually anywhere on your smartphone. These security apps offer peace of mind while you’re on vacation and are compatible with most garage doors.

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Ask the Neighbours

It never hurts to have neighbours as friends, especially while you’re away. A reliable neighbour can collect your mail, water your plants, even park in your driveway to give the appearance someone is home. Enlist someone you trust to take care of your home while you’re on vacation, and offer to return the favour when they go away.

Doing the above recommendations will allow you to enjoy your time away without worry and will ensure your garage and home stay safe all summer long.

Remember, a broken or malfunctioning garage door also increases your risk of being broken into. Creative Door’s Planned Maintenance Program is a simple and affordable way to ensure your door is always operating its best. We have professional and friendly teams all over Western Canada, from Vancouver to Winnipeg, so contact your nearest location to learn more.

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