How to Prevent Wildlife from Moving Into Your Garage

Mice, rats, raccoons, bats, and other wild animals often take up residence in garages. For these critters, a garage is an attractive shelter that offers protection from predators and the cold. It may also give them access to food in the form of leftovers from the garbage can.

Needless to say, these are unwelcome visitors. Some critters carry diseases, and some are known to attack. Moreover, they could damage belongings or knock over garbage cans. They may also seek warmth under the hood of your car and cause damage to your vehicle.

Here are some tips for keeping wildlife out of your garage.

clearing out recycling in garage

Clean and declutter

It’s important to keep your garage tidy, as piles of boxes, furniture, and sports gear give critters a place to hide. Take care to ensure that all containers are firmly closed. Choose plastic containers with good lids over cardboard boxes, which critters may be able to chew through and which are prone to becoming wet.

Additionally, make sure your garage is free of puddles, spills, and moisture buildup. Many animals and insects seek out damp environments. If you have a moisture problem in your garage, you may want to set up a dehumidifier.

If you suspect that you already have wild animals in your garage, wear appropriate safety protection, including gloves and a mask when cleaning, as you may come across urine or droppings. Thoroughly clean any soiled surfaces, as the smell of urine and droppings can attract other animals.

Take away food sources

One of the main reasons that animals move into a garage is to gain access to food. Store garbage cans outside if possible. Otherwise, ensure that they have tightly sealed lids and keep them off the floor. The same goes for any other food sources found in your garage, including pet food and bird seed. You should also make sure to remove food crumbs and wrappers from your car on a nightly basis.

ensure your garage is sealed

Seal your garage

Typically, a garage isn’t always as well sealed as the rest of the house. Moreover, sometimes people tend to be sluggish about fixing broken windows, gaps around doors, and other kinds of damage in garages. However, by neglecting such repairs, you provide an entry point for wildlife. Be aware that many critters can squeeze through surprisingly small gaps. Did you know that a small mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime?

Thoroughly inspect your garage for openings and seal any you come across. Look for gaps around doors and windows and uncovered vents. Small gaps can often be filled with expanding foam, while wood boards may be needed to close off larger gaps.

One of the key things to check is the weather-stripping around your garage door. Over time, it can begin to crack and deteriorate. If this occurs, it will no longer form a tight seal. Thoroughly inspect the weatherstripping on a regular basis. You can try turning the light off in your garage to see if there are places where daylight seeps through the garage door, thereby indicating a weakened seal. (You can do the same with the windows in your garage.) If the weatherstripping is worn or damaged, call in a garage door expert to replace it.

Keep the garage door closed

Most people are diligent about keeping their garage doors closed when they’re not at home. However, if you’re worried about critters and pests, it’s also a good idea to keep them closed even when you’re around. Otherwise, wild animals may find their way inside your garage.

A great way to monitor your garage door is with a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener. This technology allows you to use your smartphone to remotely check whether or not your garage is open. It also enables you to receive alerts if your garage door is opened by someone else. It lets you check whether you accidently left the door open and make sure the other members of your household are remembering to keep it closed.

This technology is currently available from Creative Door™ with Genie and LiftMaster garage door openers.

What’s more, if your garage door begins to malfunction and won’t close completely, it’s important to get it repaired right away. A broken garage door or garage door opener doesn’t just make it possible for wild animals to enter your garage; it also makes your home vulnerable to thieves.

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