Finding the right garage door opener for your home can be difficult given that there are so many different options available for the modern-day homeowner. Whether you use your garage for parking your vehicle, as an extension of your home’s interior, or as a storage facility, a well-lit garage is a must to be able to make the most of your space.

LiftMaster’s WLED garage door opener is a DC battery model that features an extra-bright LED light source to ensure every corner of your garage is brightly lit.  Read on to know about every feature available on this new WLED model.


Smartphone & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Other than powerful illumination, LiftMaster’s WLED also has built-in Wi-Fi function that lets you easily connect to your home network. You can even use your smartphone to effortlessly open, close, and get notified by your garage door through alerts and notifications. The MyQ mobile app allows you to control the garage door opener from anywhere. You can even set up a recurring schedule on the MyQ app to close your garage door and/or turn lights on/off every day. The possibilities are endless!


Powerful Performance

The WLED garage door opener is enhanced with long-lasting LEDs that deliver up to 3,100 lumens of illumination emulating real daylight. This garage door opener also guarantees quiet and smooth operation with a DC motor and belt drive system. So even if you have a room right above your garage, don’t worry about being disturbed every time the door opens and closes. The WLED model also has a start/stop operation that ensures a smooth start to extend the opener’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs over time. The best feature of all is that this garage door opener will function even during a power outage so that you can continue working in your garage without worrying about the lights going off.

Supreme Safety & Security

Many homeowners fear that their garage may get broken into, but the WLED garage door opener receives a secure code every time the remote is clicked to ensure that no one can hack into the system and gain entry into your garage. LiftMaster’s Automatic Garage Door Lock feature works in tandem with the opener by deadbolting and further reinforcing your garage door from forced entry. Protect your vehicle and your family by adding safety sensors that will prevent the garage door from closing automatically if there are obstructions in the way.


LiftMaster’s WLED garage door opener is the perfect choice for the homeowner who uses their garage frequently and for long hours. The bright light emitted from the LED bulb in the opener illuminates the surroundings to make a great working or living space out of your garage. With easy access from your smartphone and supreme safety features guaranteeing the security of your home, you can remain confident that your garage is impenetrable.

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