Local Looks: Best of 2017

2017 has nearly come and gone. But, across Western Canada, there’s energy and excitement around what’s to come.

Often seen as the untamed tundra beyond Canada’s eastern cities, the West exudes its own identity and flair. From far and wide, jaw-dropping mountain ranges inspire explorers to ponder existence, while free-roaming prairies sprawl into constellation-filled skies.

Breathtaking nature aside, Western Canada’s cities overflow with culture and character. Some, like Vancouver, are home to millions of people, bustling streets, and mammoth buildings. Other cities, like Winnipeg, may be modest in size, but boast strong ties to our nation’s heritage and economy.

In 2017, we set out to explore what makes Western Canada so remarkable. At each of our Creative Door branches, we scoped out the city’s architecture. We soaked in the natural landscapes. We sampled the best eats and local festivities.

It’s a place that’s emerging, growing into its potential, while remaining grounded in the values that make us proud to be Canadian.

Read on to dive into our 2017 round-up of Western Canada’s best lifestyle, cultural, and architecture trends.



Downtown, Edmonton | Image Credit to @sameer.design via Instagram

In the past, people would often joke that they’re “still in Edmonton,” as if it was somewhere that needed escaping. But nowadays, it’s become a pretty enviable place to be. Have you experienced its downtown lately? The new Rogers Place arena and surrounding Ice District have created a ripple effect of energy across town—culturally, socially, and economically. Edmonton’s suburban communities continue to stretch outward, but they’re upping their game with statement architecture that’s worthy of a big city. Mature neighbourhoods have gotten creative with small spaces, with eye-catching infill homes emerging between older structures.

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Edmonton’s Top Garage Doors:

garage doors edmonton



The Vancouver Lookout, Vancouver | Image Credit to @ne_meic via Instagram

Cruising along Vancouver’s harbours engenders a sense of wonder. Hop on a ferry to Granville Island Public Market to feast your senses on fresh seafood, B.C. fruit, and craft beer. Bike along the Stanley Park Seawall for phenomenal views of waterfront woodlands. Or, simply pause on the shoreline to take in the crystalline skyline cresting from rustic mountains. In Vancouver, adventurous architecture meets historic structures, while lush wilderness entwines with stylish neighbourhoods. This coastal city inspires a vibrant lifestyle for creatives and nature lovers alike.

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 Vancouver’s Top Garage Doors:

vancouver overhead doors



Remai Modern, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @remaimodern via Instagram

Set foot in Saskatoon, and you’ll find enough urban adventures to fill a lifetime. For a city with less than 300,000 residents, it’s got quite a bit of offbeat character. The South Saskatchewan River offers glorious opportunities for contemplative walks, canoeing, and cycling. Downtown thrills your cultural palate with trendy coffee bars, avant-garde galleries, and quirky eateries. Plus, the sheer amount of music festivals and live concerts electrifies the air in both summer and winter. Late 19th-century neighbourhoods retain a vintage flair, while inner communities have constructed head-turning feats of contemporary architecture.

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Saskatoon’s Top Garage Doors:




Remai Modern, Saskatoon | Image Credit to @vanessarachfalski via Instagram

Kelowna’s otherworldly beauty stops you in your tracks. A haven of vineyards and wineries, right here in Canada? Surrounded by mind-blowing ski and snowboard resorts? It’s enough to make any traveller giddy. Because Kelowna is such a world-class tourist destination, the city is in a state of constant evolution, but it still finds ways to honour the traditions and heritage that built its identity. Okanagan Transitional homes blend prairie and contemporary architecture, judiciously selecting the details that define modern mountain style.

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Kelownas Top Garage Doors:

kelowna garage doors



Crescent Heights, Calgary | Image Credit to @ana_shahnovich via Instagram

If you’re looking for a modern city where you can still boot, scoot, and boogie, jet set over to Calgary. Its annual Stampede is Canada’s biggest party, drawing rugged ranchers and wranglers from across the land. Calgary is also decidedly cosmopolitan, with enough high-class eateries, boutiques, and nightlife to impress even the most genteel of travellers. All the while, beautiful mountain ranges beckon, only minutes beyond the city’s reach. In the past, Calgary had suffered from urban sprawl, but now, sustainable, thoughtfully planned neighbourhoods have realigned its communities in a healthier direction.

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Calgary’s Top Garage Doors:

calgary garage doors



Regina, Saskatchewan | Image Credit to @herry.with.an.e via Instagram

When it comes to the CFL, Regina’s Roughrider pride reverberates across Canada. Have you ever met a more loyal, or vocal, legion of sports fans? We didn’t think so. The city’s zest for green speaks to the warm-hearted, lively spirit of its people, but there’s so much more to Saskatchewan’s capital than that. Back in the 1800s, this prairie city was built around a manmade lake and trees—talk about grit and determination. Today, vibrant festivals and cultural attractions send a surge of energy from its flat horizon. In revitalized neighbourhoods, hip homes boast a mix of modern warehouse style and vintage flair.

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Regina’s Top Garage Doors:

regina garage doors



Saint Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg | Image Credit to @peggrammer via Instagram

Think of Winnie the Pooh, cozy escapes, and history-defining moments, and you’ll begin to understand Winnipeg’s cultural significance. As Canada’s “Gateway to the West,” this style-setting city has shaped our country’s past, present, and future. Even when battening down the hatches for a dark and stormy winter, Winnipeggers know how to have a good time. Offering book and beer events, Nordic spas, and quaint coffee shops, this icy locale has mastered the art of Hygge living. Architectural beauty weaves through Winnipeg, with its gorgeous French Quarter, terracotta-covered Exchange District, and iconic Esplanade Riel bridge.

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Winnipeg’s Top Garage Doors:

garage doors winnipeg

Stirring, beautiful, and majestic, Western Canada’s places and people never fail to captivate. We hope our Local Looks series inspired you to look at the region from a new perspective, explore its unforgettable landscapes, and even tap into its one-of-a-kind style.

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