There’s a lot of talk about garage doors being the weakest link in home security. And although people tend to have a more relaxed attitude when it comes to the security of their garage door, maybe this is justified. Newer garage door openers are advanced when it comes to protecting your family and belongings, and it’s perfectly sufficient to simply hit ‘close’ and relax.

That said, it’s helpful to know what these advancements are—you may discover that your existing system is falling a little short. When we talk about garage door locks, we’re usually referring to the garage door opener and remote operating system. Here’s the lowdown.

Electronic Locks

This type of lock electronically monitors against forced entry, and is intended to work with the mechanical locking features already built into your garage door opener. One example is the PosiLock™ system. To call this a ‘lock’ is a bit of a misnomer in that it’s not a physical ‘lock’—it’s more like a guard that protects by putting up a fight: if an intruder tries to force your garage door open, PosiLock™ reactivates the opener and brings it back to the closed and locked position. This feature comes with most of our LiftMaster Garage Door Openers.

Encryption Technology

Again, encryption technology is not technically a lock, but a solid security advantage that’s just as much of a deterrent. Often combined with PosiLock™ is the Security+ 2.0® system that uses encrypted rolling code technology. This feature changes your door’s code with every click of the remote using a signal that hops over multi-band frequencies, making it nearly impossible to track or hack. Plus, it ensures that any stolen code remains useless to would-be intruders because that code will never work a second time, thus keeping your home safely secure.

Automatic Deadbolts (Power Locks)

These are after-market additions that you can install on your garage door for an extra layer of security. The LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock is one of the best options out there that works in tandem with your garage door opener, automatically engaging when you close it and releasing when you open it. This power deadbolt also works with MyQ technology for remote smartphone operation.

This LiftMaster power lock is compatible with garage door openers that bear a Security Shield logo (if this logo is not on your opener, you won’t be able to wire the lock). In theory, you can install two of these—one at either side of your garage door. But since Western Canada is not known for its hurricanes, for which this two-point locking system has been approved, you likely don’t need this level of reinforcement (thankfully).

TIP: The LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Door Opener comes with this lock included. If you’re unsure about compatibility with your existing opener, contact one of our garage door specialists.

NOTE: Manual locks such as T-handles and slide locks are available from hardware stores, but these are typically for garages that are mainly being used as storage, for extra security while away on vacation, or if you have an older garage door opener that is not equipped with these newer built-in security features.

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