Our Guide to Choosing Commercial Doors For Agricultural Applications

Do you need to replace or upgrade one or more commercial doors on your farm or ranch? At Creative Door Services™, we offer commercial overhead door solutions for a variety of agricultural applications. If you’re looking for a dependable overhead or folding door for your barn, shed, livestock shelter, machine shop, tractor storage facility, horse arena, or greenhouse, we can help.

Here are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing a commercial door for agricultural applications.


Strength and Durability

It’s best to choose a robust door that will be able to resist damage from heavy equipment, vehicles, repetitive opening and closing of the door, and large animals. In addition, be sure that your commercial door can stand up to the elements and resist corrosion.

A strong steel or aluminum commercial door is a good option. However, well-made rubber doors such as the TNR Model HDF and TNR Model HDC are viable alternatives. These doors are able to withstand a forceful impact and are resistant to dents and scratches.

Ease of Use

If you’re running a busy farm or ranch, you have no time to waste with a door that’s unreliable, slow, or needlessly complex.

At Creative Door Services™, we carry reliable, user-friendly overhead doors. One of the products we recommend most often for agricultural applications is the FinDoor.

The FinDoor is an industrial-grade door made up of three to six panels that fold open horizontally. One of the handiest features of the FinDoor is that it can be opened and closed both manually and electronically. It’s outfitted with door handles and can be easily manipulated thanks to its lightweight construction.

There are many other benefits to having a FinDoor. To find out more, read our introduction to the FinDoor product line.


Ease of Cleaning

On farms, it doesn’t take long for surfaces to get caked in dirt, mud, and grime. To spend less time on clean-up, choose an overhead door that’s easy to wash.

For example, a steel or aluminum overhead door can easily be hosed down. At Creative Door Services™, we offer a wide range of steel and aluminum sectional, rolling, and sheet overhead doors from trusted brands like Wayne Dalton.

Insulation level

If you need a commercial door for a structure housing animals or for some other climate-controlled building, it’s important to get an overhead door with superior insulation. This will make it easier to regulate the indoor temperature and reduce your operation’s energy consumption.

One of the best-insulating and most-energy efficient commercial doors is the FinDoor.

Windows and Glass

A windowed overhead door permits natural light to filter into the building. This is an important factor if you or your staff spend a lot of time inside. It’s also a key consideration for barns, milking parlours, and other buildings housing animals. Moreover, a glass or windowed door is a must for greenhouses.

For greater privacy, choose a door with tinted or frosted windows. These doors provide excellent light transmission but conceal your personal property from prying eyes.

At Creative Door Services™, we offer a wide variety of commercial doors with windows. One of these is the Sunshine Door. This is a completely windowed sectional door that provides up to 82% light transmission and can be custom tinted. In addition, the Sunshine Door offers high levels of thermal insulation, impact resistance, and weather resistance.

Some other top-end commercial doors with high light transmission are the Richards-Wilcox Polytite, the JPR Full View Aluminum Door, and the FinDoor.


Safety Features

Safety is a key factor when choosing commercial doors for any application. If you’re shopping for an overhead door, make sure the model you’re interested in comes equipped with safety features such as sensing edges and photo eyes.

Sensing edges are built into the bottom edge of overhead doors and cause the door to reverse immediately if it strikes something when closing.

Photo eyes are sensors that are positioned on either side of the door that monitor the opening with an invisible beam. If this beam is tripped while the door is closing, it reverses right away.

Having these safety features is a must. It’s important that you test them regularly to ensure that they work.

Similarly, it’s important to get your overhead door regularly serviced by a professional (at minimum, a thorough inspection be conducted once a year). This will ensure that it performs optimally and doesn’t become a safety hazard.

Dependable Commercial Overhead Doors in Western Canada

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