Our Guide to Glass Full View Garage Doors: From Customization to Installation

Did you know that glass is becoming increasingly more popular for us in the construction of residential garage doors and commercial overhead doors? In today’s article, we explore what the hype’s all about! We’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about glass garage doors, talk about customization options, and lay out the main advantages of using glass. Keep reading to get the inside scoop!


What kinds of materials are used to make glass garage doors?

A typical glass garage door is made with glass panels held in place by a metal framework. The framework gives extra strength to the door and allows it to fold while opening and closing. In other instances, such as with the Wayne Dalton 8450 Luminous™ model, the glass panels appear to float on a frameless structure. This is achieved by mounting the glass panels on an aluminum frame.

 The glass panels are made with tempered glass, which is the same type of glass used in cars windows. It’s four times stronger than regular glass. When broken, tempered glass shatters into tiny fragments rather than shards, so there’s little risk of the glass causing injury in the event that it breaks.

Are the glass panels entirely transparent?

Entirely transparent panels are certainly an option, but you can also choose opaque panels that provide you with complete privacy. Window tinting is also an option for additional privacy.

What are the advantages of glass garage doors?

There are many benefits to full view glass garage doors, including the following:

  • They brighten up your garage. Glass garage doors allow significant sunlight into your garage, so that your garage stays bright during the day. This makes the time you spend in the garage that much more pleasant. This is especially valuable if you choose to convert a section of your garage into a workshop, gym, den, greenhouse or other type of functional area.


  •  They’re stylish. Simply put, glass garage doors look great. They’re sleek and modern and suit most contemporary homes and can also give traditional homes a nice facelift to increase curb appeal.
  • They make your garage seem larger. When you’re able to see through your garage door, your garage suddenly seems a whole lot bigger. This makes the space much more pleasant.
  • They’re versatile. These garage doors can be installed in a number of places in addition to your garage. There’s a growing trend to use doors of this kind to give access to restaurants, patios, gardens, or pools. They’re also becoming a popular option for storefronts.

How can you customize my full view glass garage doors?

One of the great things about glass garage doors is that you can tailor them to suit your home and personal preferences. They can be customized in three ways: by frame style, by colour, and by glass type.

1. Frame style. Select the width of the rails and stiles and the size and number of frames.

2. Colour. Typically there are many choices when it comes to frame colour. For instance, you can order a Wayne Dalton glass door model in one of 188 colours. This allows you to match the frame to the trim on your home. That said, plain white and black remain very popular options. If you find black an intriguing option, check out our feature on modern black garage doors.

3. Glass. You have a bunch of options for the type of glass you use, including the following:

    •  Clear glass. This is a great option if you want to maximize the amount of sunlight in your garage and make the space seem bigger.
    • Tinted. You can get windows tinted as lightly or dark as you like, allowing you to achieve your preferred balance between privacy and the transmission of light.
    • Frosted. This glass type of glass provides both a good amount of light transmission and ample privacy. When you look through frosted windows, you see only a blurred image of what’s on the other side.
    • Opaque. This light-filtering type of glass gives you total privacy while brightening your garage.
    • Mirrored. Like opaque windows, mirrored windows provide privacy but still allow ample light transmission. From the exterior, the windows are still reflective, which makes for a unique and striking aesthetic.


Which type of full view glass garage door is best?

If you’re looking for a high quality glass garage door with an array of customization options, take a look at the Model 8800 from Wayne Dalton.

 If you’re looking for an even more striking aesthetic, consider the “frameless” Model 8450 Luminous from Wayne Dalton. The glass panels on this garage door are flush against one another, making the frame almost invisible.

How should glass garage doors be maintained?

This type of garage door is fairly easy to maintain. The glass panels should be cleaned regularly, and mechanical maintenance should be done by a professional twice a year to ensure that the garage door continues to run smoothly.

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