Solar-Powered Automatic Driveway Gates: The Future Of Home Security

If you’re installing a new automatic gate, or upgrading an old one, you should consider whether or not a solar-powered system is right for you. Creative Door Services™ installs custom residential gate systems with LiftMaster residential gate operators. Both of the LiftMaster models we carry, the CSW24U and CSL24U, are available in solar-powered configurations.

Though homeowners are sometimes hesitant about opting for a solar powered system, especially if they live in a region with limited sunlight, a professionally installed LiftMaster operator can in fact remain charged year-round. Here’s everything you should know about solar-powered automatic driveway gates.

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What Are The Advantages Of Going Solar?

Here are the main benefits of having a solar-powered gate:

  • A lower energy bill
    Equipping your gate with solar power has a higher upfront cost compared to the traditional electrical set-up. However, over time it can prove to be cost-effective. With a solar kit, your gate becomes self-powered, and none of the energy it uses will show up on your electrical bill. These savings can start to add up pretty quickly and thereby turn your solar kit into a savvy investment.
  • A smaller carbon footprint
    Solar power is 100% environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, outfitting your gate system with solar panels is a great start.
  • There’s no need for power lines
    On some properties, it’s complicated and expensive to run a power line to the end of the driveway. This is particularly the case in rural areas or on properties with long driveways. In these circumstances, the costs of installing and burying the electrical lines can run into the thousands. With a solar-powered gate operator, powering your gate system is hassle-free and, in some cases, much less expensive.
  • There’s no risk of losing power
    If your automatic gate is powered by electricity, it may become temporarily inoperable during power outages and after electrical surges. However, if it runs on solar power, there’s no risk of this occurring. Your solar-powered gate will continue to operate through outages, allowing you to safely come and go from your property without fail.
  • Reliable operation
    If you have the right solar kit, there’s no risk of your gate losing its charge. LiftMaster’s solar set-up includes a best-in-class solar power management system that ensures the gate operator and system accessories always have ample power. In addition, it’s designed to minimize energy consumption. The operator and accessories only draw power when required for operation.

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Does My Region Get Enough Sunlight For Solar Panels?

Many people assume that solar panels are only suitable for dry, sunny areas. In reality, automatic gates can run on solar power in just about any region, even places that get heavy snowfall and only a few hours of sunlight in the winter.

Reliable operation year-round is guaranteed by choosing the right solar kit for your property and getting it professionally installed. Solar panel size and wattage are particularly relevant, and there are several factors to consider when determining which solar panels to install. Before selecting solar panels, you should evaluate:

  • The number hours of sunlight you get per day in your region
  • The average snowfall in your region
  • The size and weight of your gate
  • The number of times your gate is opened and closed every day

For example, if you live in a region that gets little sunlight and a lot of snow and you tend to use your gate frequently, you’ll want to opt for the most powerful set-up: the 60-watt LiftMaster system consisting of three 20-watt panels. Additionally, you’ll want to have the panels tilted an extra 15 degrees (60 degrees in total) to reduce buildup of ice and snow on the panels.

The type of battery used is also key. LiftMaster’s CSW24U and CSL24U come equipped with either a 7Ah battery, two 7Ah batteries or a 33Ah battery. The 33Ah battery delivers the most power and is recommended for low-sunlight and heavy-traffic applications.

If determining which solar panels you need seems daunting, we’re here to help. Our experienced technicians are happy to speak with you and perform an on-site assessment to determine which solar kit is right for your property.

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Solar-Powered Automatic Driveway Gates in Western Canada

For a custom residential gate system that runs on solar power, turn to Creative Door Services™.

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