Spring Cleaning Tips

Does it feel like winter lasted an entire year? Whether your winter consisted of grey rainy days, like those in Vancouver, or one long snowfall, experienced by the prairie provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, chances are, you left a trail of earth’s elements each time your entered and exited your garage.

Thank goodness it’s spring, the season where trees get their leaves back, the grass turns green, and flowers start to blossom—and where losing the clutter begins with a sweep of your garage.

Start with a plan

The fastest (and easiest) way to build momentum for a hefty purge is by organizing everything first. Look through all your stuff and decide which items will be donated, recycled, tossed, or sold.

TIP: If you haven’t used something in the year, and don’t anticipate using it anytime in the near future, get rid of it.

Make it a family activity

Yes, it’s not a trip to the park, but more hands on deck means less time cleaning. Delegate different tasks, such as sorting, boxing, and labelling.

Look at the floor


Once your space is clean, inspect the floor. Is it stained or covered in dirt or grime? Sometimes, a simple product like WD-40 can remove stains. Just let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing with a hose. Repeat if necessary. Cat litter is another good option because it absorbs stains. Cover the stain completely, then crush the litter into the stain with your show and let sit for a minimum of one hour. Sweep it up, scrub, with a sap detergent and rinse.

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Don’t forget the door

This goes for both your garage door and the door you exit your garage from to get into your home. Use a mild liquid soap, such as car-washing or dish washing soap, and water. Make sure to wash both the interior and exterior sides of the door, using a sponge, cloth, or soft brush.

TIP: Avoid harsh detergents, which could strip paint and potentially damage your door.

Lose the stink

Foul odours may be the cause of a variety of things, from garbage, paint, cleaning solutions, pets, and more. Once you’ve identified the source, remove everything from the area where the smell is, then sanitize it using an all-purpose cleaner—preferably with a disinfectant. Dry the area well before putting anything back. Finally, prevent the stench from returning by maintaining temperature and moisture levels and adding air fresheners to keep the space smelling its best.

TIP: Use some of the kitty litter you got for the oil stains as an air freshener. The litter will absorb any moisture and odours, leaving your space nice and fresh.

Spending a few hours now to tidy up your garage will make it easier to keep organized throughout the warmer months—leaving you with more time to have some fun under the sun!

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