State of the Art Automatic Gate Systems For Your Parking Lot

If you operate a commercial or private parking lot, it’s important to get the right automatic gates.

Paid parking lots, whether indoor or outdoor, generally have barrier gates, also known as parking arms. These contraptions have a motorized bar that moves up and down to permit entry and exit to parking lot users who have paid the fare.

Private parking lots typically have parking security gates. These are similar to overhead doors and can be configured to allow users to enter the parking facility using a card, fob, or other access control solution. Here’s a look at these two gate systems for parking garages.


Tips For Choosing A Barrier Gate Operator

Not all barrier gate operators are created equal. Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing one for your parking lot:

  • Size
    Unfortunately, there are some people who might feel tempted to skirt around a gate to avoid paying the toll. (Even a small opening can be exploited by someone riding a motorcycle or scooter.) It’s therefore important to have customized parking arms that will prevent illicit entries.

    If possible, you should also install a solid barrier such as a concrete post at the end of the arm.

  • Speed
    If the gate opens and closely too slowly, this can make your parking lot less efficient. Frequently, there are specific times during which the majority of entries and exits occur. Even a few extra seconds can cause a bottleneck during these peak hours.

  • Ease of use
    If it takes too long to enter and exit the parking lot, customers will get frustrated during peak hours. Look for a system that’s intuitive to use.

  • Dependability
    Most parking lots can’t afford a disruption to their services due to a barrier gate breaking down. Make sure to choose a barrier gate that you can count on around the clock.

  • Durability
    If you have a bustling parking lot, your barrier will be kept busy. If it’s an outdoor parking lot to boot, your gate will have to contend with the elements. Only a heavy-duty product will be able to deliver reliable performance and stand the test of time.

  • Safety
    The last thing you want is for a parking arm to strike a customer’s vehicle. Fortunately, quality barriers such as the LiftMaster Mega Arm are equipped with products such as traffic lights and photo-eye sensors that will help prevent these types of accidents.

Creative Door Services™ offers a number of quality barrier gate operators, including the LiftMaster BG790, LiftMaster Mega Arm, FAAC 640, FAAC B680, and FAAC 620. Browse our site to learn more about these products or speak to our team to get help determining which system is best suited for your parking lot.


Tips For Choosing A Parking Security Gate

Parking security gates are designed to be used for parking facilities that are indoors and can be used for both private lots and public lots. In the former case, the gate is typically controlled using a fob or key card. In the latter case, the gate typically opens automatically, allowing the driver to either advance toward a barrier gate just beyond it or access a ticket kiosk inside the parking lot for payment purposes.

  • Performance
    Unlike garage doors, which open and close only a handful of times every day, parking security gates are in constant use. In fact, they have to be able to open and close upward of 100 times a day without a hitch. Customer loyalty depends on the door working every time.

  • Speed
    It’s important to have parking security gate that can operate in a speedy manner. This will keep traffic moving during peak hours and help ensure that you won’t have a lineup of cars waiting to enter or exit the premises.

  • Security
    Whether you operate a private or public parking lot, you’re responsible for providing adequate security for your customers and their vehicles. A strong, secure gate is essential for preventing unauthorized entries.

  • Access control
    If your security gate is controlled using a fob or key card, it’s important to have a quality access control system. If the technology isn’t user-friendly or is prone to malfunctioning, your clients may become frustrated and decided to park elsewhere.

Creative Door Services™ can set you up with a state-of-the-art parking security gate for your facility. Our knowledgeable team can help you find a gate that meets your needs.


Automatic Gates For Your Parking Facility In Western Canada

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