Steel Garage Doors: Classic Steel Vs. Premium Steel

Steel garage doors boast a number of advantages. They’re strong, reliable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and they’re suitable for pretty much any climate. At Creative Door Services, we offer both classic and premium steel residential garage doors.

In today’s article, we shine the spotlight on these two types of steel doors to allow you to determine which is the ideal option for your home.


Classic Steel Garage Doors

The majority of classic steel garage doors we carry are made by Wayne Dalton and share a number of common features.

  • Level of insulation. Wayne Dalton’s classic steel garage doors contain polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation. Most models have high R-values and therefore a high level of insulation. This makes them well suited to our Canadian winters.

  • Panel design and colours. Wayne Dalton’s classic steel garage doors come in three to five traditional panel designs, depending on the model, and a handful of classic colours such as white, almond, taupe, brown, and black. Some of the models are also available with the TruChoice™ Color System, Wayne Dalton’s custom painting process that offers over 6,000 colours. This allows you to match your garage door to your trim, door or other home features.

  • Window options. There are many window types available for Wayne Dalton’s classic steel garage doors. They range from the most basic and understated to more unique and stylized options. There are also several choices of glass, including clear, obscure񥤪 and grey tinted. Browse the full catalogue of Wayne Dalton windows to learn more.

  • Decorative hardware. Wayne Dalton’s decorative hardware is available for all of their classic steel garage doors. There are a wide array of options, including various door knockers, lift handles, door studs, hinges, and more. Made of black-powder-coated steel, they’re classic and elegant and have a hand-hammered appearance.

  • Level of insulation. Martin Door allows you to choose between different modes of construction depending on the level of insulation you require. You can get the Cornerstone and Gateway doors with a single layer of insulation, yielding an R-value of 8, or a double layer of insulation, yielding an R-value of 14.

  • Panel design and colours. Compared with Wayne Dalton’s classic garage doors, the panels available for the Martin Door’s premium garage doors have a more hand-crafted appearance. And the Cornerstone model in particular has several panel styles that are highly aesthetic and modern. This includes a ribbed pattern as well as a flush style that conceals the gaps between the different garage door sections.

  • Wood grain finishes. Another feature that sets the premium doors apart is their optional wood grain finishes (natural, walnut, and ash). They perfectly simulate the look of real wood yet require none of the upkeep. This makes these doors an attractive option for people who love the look of wood grain but who either don’t want to deal with the extra maintenance wood doors entail or else live in a humid region, where a wood garage door would be vulnerable to warping and rot.

  • Window options. The Cornerstone and Gateway premium steel garage doors feature Martin Door’s patented window design for clear, full-view windows, which differ from the small windows that are typical for steel garage doors. In addition to glass, the windows are available in high-impact acrylic for added safety and durability. Both the glass and acrylic windows can be clear, frosted, pebbled or tinted bronze, grey, or black.

  • Decorative hardware and other custom features. As with the classic steel garage doors, Martin Door’s premium steel garage doors offer an array of decorative hardware pieces that have a hand-crafted, antique flair. You can learn more about how decorative hardware can enhance your home’s aesthetic in our Crafty Design blog.

The Model 8500 is the highest insulated residential garage door, with an R-value of 16.

Engineered with 24-guage steel, the panels are extremely robust and long-lasting.


Premium Steel Garage Doors

At Creative Door Services, we carry two premium steel garage doors, Cornerstone and Gateway, both by Martin Door. Engineered with 24-gauge steel, these products provide smooth and reliable operation and stand out for their striking elegance.

Like the panel designs, the colours available for these garage doors are original and modern. Options include white mist, light almond, dark brown, and adobe silver. There are also dozens of powder coat colour options available.

There are some additional custom features as well, including vents, mail slots (brass or brushed aluminum), an outside T-handle lock (chrome, brass, or black), an inside side-latch lock, and a vault release (allowing you to manually open and close the door during a power outage).


Classic Vs. Premium Steel Garage Doors

Whether a classic or premium steel garage door is the right option for you is really a matter of personal preference. Wayne Dalton’s classic steel garage doors are great all-around products and have a lower price tag than Martin Door’s premium models. On the other hand, Martin Door’s premium garage doors are more stylized and offer a number of attractive additional features and customization options. Regardless of your final choice, you can rest assured that Creative Door Services is committed to the professional installation, maintenance, and upkeep of your new doors.


Residential Steel Garage Doors in Western Canada

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