Storage Ideas for Tandem Garages

If you use your garage to store sports gear, lawn equipment, tools and more, keeping it tidy can be a challenge. This is true whether you have a single garage, double garage, or tandem garage. In fact, each type of garage has its own unique organizational challenges.

custom shelving display in tandem garage workshop

How to Organize & Declutter Your Tandem Garage

When it comes to tandem garages (long and narrow garages in which there’s space to park vehicles one in front of the other) there several ways to maximize the available storage space. Here are three ideas to organize and declutter a tandem garage.

  1. Go vertical with shelves and racks. Tandem garages tend to be compact, and storage space is likely to be limited. To make room, you’ll need to optimize the vertical space. One of the best ways to do this is with wall shelving. Higher shelves may not be prime real estate for things you use often, but they’re ideal for rarely used items.

    You may also want to consider installing ceiling-mounted racks. Alternatively, you can opt to use a hoist system to store gear such as bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, and canoes.

    vertical storage for shoes and tennis items inside a tandem garage

    If you’re storing items on shelves, it’s best to avoid using cardboard boxes. They’re difficult to grip, prone to breaking, and won’t protect your belongings from water damage. Choose clear plastic storage bins instead. In addition to being sturdy, stackable, and waterproof, clear bins allow you to see the contents inside your boxes so you can better keep track of your stuff.

  2. Eliminate clutter with a cabinet. Even if your garage is narrow, there’s probably sufficient space for a cabinet on the back wall. If you have the room, consider getting an oversized unit. You can even get a custom cabinet built right into the wall. However, if you want to be able to relocate the cabinet as needed, choose a freestanding unit on wheels.

    Cabinets are ideal for storing dangerous items, such as chemicals and power tools, especially if the doors are lockable. In addition, they make your garage look less cluttered by keeping stored items out of sight.

    If you do a lot handiwork in your garage, consider a cabinet that doubles as a workbench.

  3. Get creative with a slatwall system. Another great way to make use of your wall space is by installing a slatwall system. Slatwall panels have horizontal grooves that allow you to snap in place various storage accessories including hooks, shelves, racks, baskets, and brackets.

    Slatwalls are perfect for hanging up rakes, rods, rackets, and other garden tools. They can also support heavier items such as ladders, bicycles, and lawn edgers. On a slatwall, such items are readily accessible and won’t encroach into your garage’s interior.

    Another ideal spot for a slatwall is behind a workbench. Using hooks and other accessories, you can keep all your tools within arm’s reach. Alternatively, a pegboard can be used to store your most-used items.

Expand your Living Space

If you have a tandem garage but only need to park one vehicle, then you likely have more storage space than you know what to do with. If this is the case, you may want to consider converting part of your garage into extra living space.

In fact, there may be enough room in your tandem garage for an office, hobby room, home gym, or lounge. If you’re looking for ideas, read 8 Creative Garage Conversions That Will Make You Feel More at Home.

installing ceiling-mounted shelving inside garage

Naturally, you’ll want to use the back part of your garage for your conversion. However, you should also consider employing the space below the ceiling for storage, either with shelves or ceiling-mounted racks. Alternatively, you may choose to optimize the storage space available in the front part of your garage by using the tips already provided.

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