Storage Solutions for Your Garage

You open your garage door and see nothing but stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Everywhere. There’s barely room for your vehicle anymore. It’s acceptance time, and the best way to proceed is with a plan.

Here are some tips to remove the clutter and create extra storage in your garage, with help from Edmonton’s Garage Strategies.

Figure out what you have, and what you need to store it

Dig into the clutter and take inventory of all the items you have been collecting over the years. Sort everything into groups of what you’ll toss, keep, donate, or sell then determine what storage solutions you’ll need for the items that remain.

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Install wall shelves

Take advantage of your empty wall space by adding shelves, which are great for gear, tools, and other items that should remain out of a child’s reach. Garage Strategies offers a wide selection of durable shelving options that are easy to install and use.


Use hooks and hangers

Not only are garage hooks and hangers easy to install, but they’re also great for hanging large items like rakes, brooms, and ladders. For maximum strength, try Garage Strategies’ range of steel, rust-resistant hooks, and brackets, rubber-coated for superior grip.


Add a pegboard

Pegboards are a wonderful addition to your wall and come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can help you keep your tools organized.

Consider cabinets

If you have the space, storage cabinets are a worthy investment that can last you a lifetime. This useful addition not only adds necessary storage but can also function as a tabletop or workspace.

Garage Strategies carries quality cabinets to fit your space and budget, with customized options and professional installation—making it easy to get organized for less.


Bring out the boxes

This affordable option lets you store everything from toys to paint tools, 
winter gear, and more. Store boxes on shelves or cabinets, and you’ll 
have plenty of extra space you never thought possible.

TIP: Make sure to label your boxes so you can easily identify what’s in 
each one.

Create overhead storage

Ceiling storage is an effective way to stow heavy-duty items, such as sporting equipment, holiday décor, and other seasonal items. Though this can be a DIY, if you’re not very handy, ensure you have a professional install this for you.

TIP: Not all garages are built the same, so make sure your garage structure is capable of supporting heavy loads.

Garages truly are an extension of our homes, so keeping them organized makes day-to-day living easier. Garage Strategies can help you completely transform the look of your garage. Their design, delivery, and installation teams will work with your schedule to discuss your storage needs. Contact them today for a free consultation.

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