Take Your Facility Management to a New Level with LiftMaster Technology

LiftMaster’s myQ technology has been a gamechanger. This technology, which is integrated into the all newest LiftMaster garage door openers, overhead door operators, and gate operators, allows users to control and monitor their systems remotely from their smartphone or other mobile devices.

We’ve already told you about how LiftMaster’s myQ technology can revolutionize the way homeowners use their garage door systems (you can read the article here). However, myQ technology can also be used commercially. In particular it can be adopted by managers of gated communities and warehouses equipped with LiftMaster products. Here’s what you should know about Liftmaster’s myQ technology for these two purposes.


Seamlessly Manage Your Gated Community

MyQ Community Control is a cloud-based technology that integrates with the LiftMaster Connected Access Portal (CAPXLV), a state-of-the-art access control system for residential communities that includes an intercom, touchscreen and video camera. The CAPXLV works in conjunction with LiftMaster gate operators, including the CSW24U swing gate operator, CSL24U swing gate operator, SL585 slide gate operator, and SL595 slide gate operator.

MyQ Community Control allows you to manage resident and visitor access to your community from your device or computer. Here are some of the advantages of using the MyQ Community Control technology with your LiftMaster Connected Access Portal:

  • Manage multiple access points. This technology allows you to manage and control all your community access points from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Improve your security. Manage when residents and guests can access each entrance and get real-time alerts about security issues.

  • See what’s happening. The MyQ dashboard gives you access to both live video feed and recorded footage from the CAPXLV.

  • Allow residents to see what's happening. With the Community by myQ app, guests can access the video feed at the gate and view and verify guests’ identities before granting them entry.

  • Allow residents to manage guest entry. You can allow residents to schedule and manage guest access through a secure guest management web page. This user-friendly interface allows residents to create guest lists for one-time, multi-day or recurring visitors.

The myQ Community Control technology is just part of the total package of having a LiftMaster gate operator and Connected Access Portal. LiftMaster is one of the most trusted gate operator brands, and their products feature superior safety features such as anti-tailgate technology, fire department compliance, Security+ 2.0 encrypted signals, reliable reversing sensors, surge protection, and battery backup. To learn more about LiftMaster gate operators, consult our previous article: Which LiftMaster Gate Opener Is Right For You?


myQ Business Facility: Streamline Your Warehouse Operations

The myQ Business Facility is a cloud-based access control software that pairs with your LiftMaster gate operator. It allows you to monitor and manage all your facility’s access points from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This dashboard can feature an interactive map of your facility: you simply have to upload an image of your facility layout.

The myQ Business Facility is compatible with newer LiftMaster overhead door operators, including the HCT Premium Trolley Operator, T Industrial Duty Trolley Operator, H Standard Duty Hoist Operator, GH Heavy Industrial Hoist Operator, and J Medium Duty Operator.

Here are a few of the advantages to using the myQ Business Facility software:

  • Stay on top of maintenance. The software can provide alerts telling you when maintenance is required on your overhead door system, thereby preventing breakdowns and equipment downtime.

  • Save energy. It helps to keep your energy costs down by telling you when and how often your doors are opened and closed.

  • Gather key data. You can consult detailed analyses of overhead door activity, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your facility.

  • Manage employee access. You can decide who has access privileges and which zones each individual or group can access at which time of day.

  • Enhance security. You can track and record user activities and receive email notifications confirming that all access points have been closed.

  • Manage your team remotely. You can have automatic alerts sent to your team members when there’s an irregularity at an access point (for example, if a door is left open for an extended period).

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