Valentine's Date Ideas in Your Garage

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, you may be starting to wonder where to go, what to do, and how to woo. With reservations booking fast and heart-shaped chocolates being purchased by the masses, coming up with a unique idea could seem difficult. Sometimes though, the answer is right in front of you—in this case, your garage.


Your first thoughts may be of stacked boxes, scattered tools, and questionable smells from the trash can. But with a little planning and creativity, you can transform your garage into a romantic retreat without every having to leave the house.

Candlelit Dinner

Avoid busy restaurants and create your own table for two right where you park your car. Once your garage is properly cleaned out, place a small table in the middle of the room. Add a tablecloth, flowers, and candles. For a romantic touch, hang string lights and play classic love songs or ones with special meaning to you both. If your garage isn’t heated, consider a portable heater for added coziness. As for dinner, cook or order a favourite dish. The food isn’t what will make this evening special anyway—your effort will.

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Drive-In Movie

Whether you’ve experienced a real drive-in or just seen it on TV, nothing says “date night” like snuggling close to your sweetheart under the stars. Create your own drive-in theatre at home by placing a large white sheet on the side of your garage door. You’ll need a movie projector, so borrow one, if possible. Most electronic stores sell affordable projectors, too. Nothing fancy is required—something you can connect to your laptop is all you need. Next, stock up on movie snacks and get your vehicle ready in position. What movie to watch? Whether it’s a romantic comedy, dramatic love story, or hair raising horror film, your close cuddles will ensure you enjoy every minute.

Tip: This idea is perfect for warmer winter climates like Kelowna, British Columbia, and is meant to be done on your garage’s driveway. Running your vehicle inside your garage to keep warm could be fatal, so please do not attempt this.

Paint Night

You don’t have to be artistic to have a great time with a blank canvas. Clear some space, then cover your floors with a tarp or old sheet. Set up a couple of easels with a canvas each and some acrylic paints and brushes. Choose a picture to paint of something special to the both of you—maybe a pet or the beach you like to vacation to, for example. A bottle (or two) of wine and snacks such as crackers, cheese, and grapes are great accompaniments. Regardless if your paintings are Picasso or look more like a pistachio, your better half will appreciate the thought that went into this evening for many Valentine’s to come.

Whether you’re a fan or not, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to create new memories. No matter what you end up doing, the quality time you have together is what means the most, regardless if you’re in Vancouver, Winnipeg, or anywhere in between. More importantly, it’s a great way to bring you closer together this February 14th.

For more residential garage ideas that go beyond Cupid’s bow and arrow, contact us today.

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