What To Do If Your Gate Comes Off Its Tracks

Sliding gates can derail if they’re misaligned or if there’s some other pre-existing gate issue. Although this rarely occurs with a gate that’s well-installed and diligently maintained, it’s important to know the right steps to take in the off chance this does occur and your gate system is suddenly out of commission. Here’s some advice for dealing with a derailed residential gate and preventing this issue from arising in the future.

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Getting your gate back on track

If your gate derails, you need to call a gate repair technician right away. This is an issue that the average homeowner won’t be able to fix on their own. For one thing, gates can be quite heavy, and you risk injuring yourself if you try to put the gate back on by yourself. Moreover, it’s likely that either the gate or track is damaged and requires professional repair.

Remember, it’s important to have a gate technician inspect the gate and track and complete any necessary repairs. Otherwise, you may cause further damage to your gate system.

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Issues that can lead to your gate derailing

Of course, it’s much better if your gate never comes off its tracks in the first place. Here are the seven main issues that can lead to a gate derailment and some advice for resolving each of these problems.

1.) Misalignment
If the gate and track aren’t perfectly aligned, the gate may derail. A misalignment can also cause various components to wear prematurely, as the gate will continually grate against the track. Some of the signs that your gate is misaligned include:

  • Hearing grinding sounds
  • Noticing clunky movements
  • Observing stilted operation

To resolve this problem, call in a professional technician to inspect and adjust your gate system.

2.) Sagging gate
A gate may begin to sag due to there being loose or damaged hardware. An undersized gate operator may also be to blame. If sagging occurs, the gate will operate unsteadily and be at risk of derailing.

To prevent a sagging gate, regularly inspect the following:

  • Hinges
  • Latches
  • Chains
  • Swing arms

You’ll need to make sure these and other hardware components aren’t loose, damaged, or rusty.

3.) Wear and tear
Automatic gate systems have a lifespan of about 20 years. After a gate has operated for a couple of decades, issues such as misalignment and sagging tend to become increasingly common.

If you have an older gate, it may be time to replace your gate system.

4.) Poor maintenance
If you neglect your gate’s upkeep, operational issues may arise, and derailment could be one of them. For example, if you don’t apply the proper lubrication, your gate won’t be able to roll smoothly along its track and will be prone to jolting, jamming, and potentially derailing.

By performing regular upkeep, you can avoid major gate issues and extend the lifespan of your system. However, adequate gate maintenance should also include regular inspections provided by a professional. A gate technician from Creative Door Services™ can identify and resolve problems while they’re still small and easy to repair.

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5.) Faulty installation

If a gate isn’t properly installed, it can lead to a host of problems including gate derailment. For example, amateur installers often fail to perfectly align the tracks. Another common problem that arises with DIY installation jobs is the tracks getting installed on uneven ground. This can cause stilted or jerky operation and ultimately lead to the gate derailing.

DIY gate installations are never a good idea, and it’s best to entrust this task to a qualified gate technician. In addition to the installation getting done right, some companies offer a 30-day warranty that covers you for any issues that arise as a result of an installation error.

6.) Obstructions
A gate can fall off its tracks after hitting obstructions such as rocks and sticks. Fortunately, simply by cleaning the tracks regularly you can avoid this issue.

7.) Ice buildup
One of main causes of gates derailing in the winter is ice and snow buildup on the tracks. To avoid this, make sure to regularly clear your gate and its tracks of snow and ice.

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Reliable Residential Gate Repair in Western Canada

If you’re having an issues with your driveway gate, reach out to the team of professionals at Creative Door Services™. Our technicians can repair your gate system and ensure it performs optimally. We also install custom swing and slide gates if you’re due for an upgrade.

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