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Garage doors may seem like a very practical item on the design feature checklist for most homeowners. However, if you think about it, your garage door takes up a significant portion of the front facade of your house. A well-defined home is one that has a garage door that has been chosen with discerning taste and consideration of the rest of the home’s design scheme.  

Are you looking to increase your homes curb-appeal? Use the guide below to help you understand what different style options are available to you.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Think old-world design combined with new-world technological options, and you’ve got a Carriage House garage door. Carriage House doors are meant to offer the charm of days gone past, mimicking the look of the swinging doors that once hung on stables of estate homes. The state-of-the-art technologies that are available today have allowed these old-world beauties to be manufactured out of durable and affordable steel, or fiberglass, in addition to the wood they were historically composed of. Most options operate in the same way a standard overhead garage door functions.    

Modern Garage Doors

Defined by their simple lines and unadorned facades modern garage doors typically offer simplistic beauty to the exterior of a home. The material composition of modern garage doors range from reclaimed wood to bamboo, glass, steel, and aluminum. Most modern styles are comprised of flush panels that offer clean lines and a smooth finish. Modern garage doors complement any contemporary design scheme and allow the modernity of the interior of your home to be represented on the exterior as well.

Raised Panels

Typically the most affordable option for homeowners, and also a standard style offered by most home builders, is raised panel garage doors. This style is what many homeowners think of when they think of a garage door. Raised panel doors are composed of several separate panels that are individually raised overhead on a track. A pattern of raised portions, typically square or rectangular in shape, make up this style’s appearance. Windows are often added as a simple decorative feature.

Recessed Panels

Just the opposite of the styling on raised panel garage doors, recessed panel doors give the illusion of a traditional wooden door and a nod to the traditional craftsmanship that created this style. Your standard cost-effective options come in aluminum and steel; strikingly beautiful solid wood options peak at the top of the cost scale but are worth the value in what you realize in curb appeal.

Insulated Doors

Although the choice to insulate your garage door does not affect the look of your garage, the added benefits to your home can be significant. Insulating your garage door is a great functional addition to any home that finds itself in extreme weather climates and will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Customizable Options

If only a portion of your style needs can be met with the above listed options, there is no reason to worry as garage doors can also be customized to specifically meet the exterior styling of your home. Wood doors specifically lend themselves well to customization and can offer a level of craftsmanship superior to all other garage door styles.

In the past, garage doors had limited colour options. If homeowners wanted a custom paint colour, their only choice was to have the door painted after it was installed, and this was not a great option for time, energy, or the longevity of the product. Today paint colours choices are seemingly endless. With over 6,000 colour choices through Wayne Dalton’s TruChoice™ Colour System, homeowners can now select the perfect shade to match their garage door to their home’s facade.

Heavy-Duty Options

Are you concerned more about function than style? There are solutions for this as well. Constructed from a higher gauge steel than standard steel door counterparts, heavy-duty garage doors can stand up against many significant impacts that a typical door might be damaged by. If superior strength and durability is what you desire, a heavy-duty garage door is what you are looking for.

No matter what your style and personal taste, Creative Door Services has a garage door to suit your needs. Check out our extensive line of residential garage doors by browsing our supplier brochures today!

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