Working Remote: Garage Door Openers

The garage door openers on the market today are probably not the ones you had when you were growing up. Most openers today offer Internet connectivity with apps and accessories that allow you to manage your garage door (and more) with your smartphone.


Here’s a rundown on the capabilities of certain types of remote controls and their operation, which might make the difference in ensuring you have the right garage door opener for you.

Basic Remote Controls

Single and 3-Button Remote Controls

When you purchase any garage door opener, the LIftMaster 8557W for example, it will likely come with one of these remote controls. The single button controls the garage door, while the three-button model can be programmed to operate three separate devices such as additional openers (handy if you have a three-car garage), lights, and gates.

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Mini Universal Remote

These are portable compact remote controls that you can purchase separately for quick and easy access to your garage.

HomeLInk and Car2U

These are transmitter systems that come installed with your vehicle. The unit is similar to a three-button remote in its operation for opening garage doors and gates, thus eliminating the need for additional in-car remotes. Some garage door openers, such as the Genie ReliaG ProSeries 2028, are compatible with these systems; they just need to be programmed, which is clearly outlined in the manual (it’s easy).

Smart Accessories

Ever wondered two hours into a road trip if you remembered to close the garage door? Yeah. Now you can use your smartphone (or tablet or laptop) to operate your Wi-Fi enabled garage door (and more). All it takes is an Internet connection, the MyQ mobile app, and a customer account complete with the registered device(s) that you wish to control.

MyQ Mobile App

Download this app onto your smartphone to remotely control your garage door opener(s), lighting, and gates using MyQ technology-enabled devices. It can be set up to send security alerts through email or push notifications, and it’s free with no activation or annual fee.

MyQ Remote Light Control

This accessory lets you monitor and control lights using your smartphone via the MyQ mobile app (or even the remote control that came with your garage door opener). This could be handy if you’re away and forgot to turn on the security lights around your garage and home.

MyQ Door and Gate Monitor

The allows you to monitor and close up to four garage door openers or gates from any room in the house (this one needs to be within range for operation).

LiftMaster Internet Gateway

Do you have a garage door opener that’s not Wi-Fi enabled? No problem. This device connects your opener with your router so you can take advantage of MyQ technology and accessories. Our LiftMaster 8165 Garage Door Opener comes complete with the Internet Gateway.

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