Product Specs


  • Constructed of a polyurethane core, covered with a triple layered skin
  • Low-profile, anodized aluminum guide tracks contain a built-in light grid
  • Full perimeter sealing with brush seals located within the tracks


  • Fine-pore rigid foam infill ensure excellent thermal insulation
  • Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor is maintenance free
  • Patented built-in catch system and sealed bearings to accommodate high cycle applications
  • Opening door speed of up to 45 inches per second and closing speed of up to 20 inches per second


  • Windows are optional—high, double pane, and polycarbonate



Material  Galvanized Steel
Insulation Value 

R0-R6 = 1 star
R7-R9 = 2 star
R10-R13 = 3 star
R14 and up = 4 star

R-Value info

Uses High Performance
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