Product Specs


  • High quality, kiln-dried western woods
  • Hand-assembled wood frame structures
  • Polystyrene insulation core
  • External panels are pressure-bonded to framework with high strength waterproof adhesive
  • Arrives sanded and ready to prime, paint, or stain


  • Air infiltration minimized by Shiplap construction
  • Built-in insulation for certain models


  • Available in plywood or hardboard



Material  Wood
Price Range 

$50-$500 = $
$500-$1,500 = $$
$1,500-$3,500 = $$$
$3,500-$6,000+ = $$$$

All costs are based on a standard 16' x 7' door size. Costs vary by location and are for supply only; installation is extra. Changes to door size, quantity of doors, and panel styles will affect pricing. Costs exclude hardware, windows, and color changes.

Insulation Value 

R0-R6 = 1 star
R7-R9 = 2 star
R10-R13 = 3 star
R14 and up = 4 star

R-Value info

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