Mar 26, 2020

Ignoring the lurking hazards in your garage can have grave repercussions. In this week’s blog, the Creative Door team explains why and offers some tips to make your garage safer and more kid-friendly.

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Faulty Remote
Jan 7, 2020

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Not quite sure if your garage door opener has passed its prime? Creative Door Services carries top-quality garage door openers with state of the art technology.

Classic Steel 8100
Dec 24, 2019

Steel Garage Doors: Classic Steel Vs. Premium Steel

Considering a new garage door? Our experts at Creative Door Services weigh out the differences between our classic steel and premium steel garage doors.

Annoying Sounds
Dec 18, 2019

Troubleshooting a Squeaky Garage Door

With a few simple tools and the right safety information, you can fix your squeaky garage door once and for all.

Aerial British Columbia Coast Development
Dec 12, 2019

The Best Types of Garage Doors for Coastal Area Homes

The unique climate conditions of coastal regions require special considerations when choosing the right garage door for your home. Find the perfect fit with Creative Door Services!

Cozy Up Heading
Dec 4, 2019

Cozy Up: How to Keep the Room Above Your Garage Warm

Many Canadians have homes with rooms above their garage. But with below zero winter temperatures, that extra space often leaves us feeling extra cold.

What Are They
Nov 27, 2019

Help Me Choose! Vinyl vs. Fibreglass Garage Doors

Are you narrowing down your choices for a new garage door? Read our guide to breaking down the differences between vinyl and fibreglass doors!

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