New Vertical Lift Doors Designed and Installed for Enerflex

The large, international company Enerflex is the single-source supplier for natural gas compression, oil and gas processing, refrigeration systems, and power generation equipment. With facilities located throughout North America and beyond, they have become the go-to source for producers seeking to optimize their energy production from oil and natural gas fields world-wide.

Enerflex has two large locations in the Calgary area. When both facilities were in need of new sectional doors to facilitate the moving of large production equipment in and out of the building, they called the Creative Door Calgary team. Our credibility from our diverse project repertoire set the stage for our proposal presentation, and we were honoured to be granted such a detailed and time sensitive assignment.

Cgyteam At Enerflex Site

Both of Enerlex’s facilities specialize in the manufacture of equipment used in the oil and gas fields. The immense size of the heavy industrial equipment required a large-scale opening which made for an impressive feat for our design and installation team. These doors operate with a 13 foot vertical lift before the track moves horizontally. Sized at 26 feet by 26 feet, these are some of the largest sectional doors designed and installed for a commercial location in Calgary. The complex systems also include tandem shaft springs to balance the weight of the doors.

With only a small window of time available for the project, our team was dedicated to meeting Enerflex’s requirements. We were also awarded the overhead door maintenance contract for these facilities as our team maintains a strong relationship with the maintenance managers to ensure the doors continue to operate with optimum efficiency at all times.

Our respected, professional standing with Enerflex has allowed Creative Door to branch further into grand scale projects, and we are excited to see where our continued growth takes us!

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