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Garage Door Safety Month 2017

June 15, 2017

Broken garage doorFor busy homeowners, the garage is an often-overlooked space–especially when it comes to safety. Garage doors are the largest and heaviest moving objects in most homes, with 77.6% of garage door injuries occurring at a person's own home.

In an effort to raise awareness about garage door safety, the International Door Association and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association have designated June as Garage Door Safety Month. Here are simple steps that you can take to protect yourself and your family from garage door related accidents.

Classic steel garage doorReplace Worn or Broken Springs

Your garage door's springs counterbalance the weight of your door as it opens and closes, but they aren't made to work indefinitely. The average garage door spring only lasts 10,000 cycles, or between six to ten years. Worn or broken garage door springs can cause your garage door to malfunction and slam shut unexpectedly, posing a hazard to anyone or anything underneath it.

If your garage door springs break or cause your garage door to malfunction, you may be tempted to fix or replace the springs yourself. Unless you're a service professional, adjusting or replacing garage door springs can be extremely dangerous. Avoid injury or damage to your garage door system by seeking professional help from the experts at Creative Door.

Test Your Sensors

All residential garage doors produced after 1993 are mandated to have advanced safety features, including photo eye sensors, in place. These sensors are located on both sides of the garage door and project an invisible beam across the bottom of the opening. If anything is in its path, the door will automatically stop and reverse.

How to test your garage door sensors:

  1. Place a soft but stable object (such as a roll of paper towel) on the ground in the path of your garage door.
  2. Use your garage door remote to close the door.
  3. If the object triggers the sensor, the reverse mechanism should prevent the door from closing.
  4. If the door doesn't reverse, your sensors could be out of alignment and you can call the experts at Creative Door to schedule a service call with one of our trained technicians.

Even with garage door sensors, injuries can still occur. Never try to "race" your garage door by trying to dash underneath it before it closes.

Keep Up with Preventative Maintenance

Not only will regular preventative maintenance reduce your long-term repair expenses, it also helps ensure a safe environment for you and your family.

Regular maintenance tasks such as lubricating pivot points and springs help ensure smooth operation of your garage door. Always consult a professional before attempting to repair or replace any garage door parts yourself.

Teach Kids About Garage Door Safety

Kids are more likely to be injured by a garage door than adults as kids often don't understand the dangers of playing around an operating garage door or with a garage door remote. Take time to teach your kids about garage door safety and set a good example by never walking underneath your door while its opening or closing.

Call the experts at Creative Door today at 1.888.621.DOOR (3667) to schedule a service call or learn more about our preventative maintenance packages.