4 Stay-At-Home Summertime Activities for Your Garage

If you’re considering spending your summer at home, you’re likely wondering how to keep your children occupied until school starts up again. If you’re socially distancing yourself from other people, day camps and visits to family members aren’t an option. Luckily, your garage has a lot more potential than you think when it comes to fun things to do for the whole family. Here are five ideas for summertime activities.

Please note, it’s important to mention that you’ll need to make sure your garage is as safe and kid-friendly as possible. Inspect your garage door to ensure it is in perfect condition and meets all safety and security requirements.

1. Create a night sky

Your garage is the perfect spot to create a night sky with the kids. Using glow-in-the-dark star stickers, you can create different night skies on your garage door and simply sit under it inside the garage while it’s in the open position. If you live somewhere where it’s hard to see the stars clearly, this is a great opportunity to introduce kids to astronomy or develop their knowledge of the constellations. Either way, it’s a fun, engaging project to work on, and you’ll get to spend quality time together.


2. Camp out

Camping is a fun activity that allows kids to get exercise while learning about nature. However, it’s also time consuming, prone to sudden weather changes and, for some kids, can even be a little scary. The backyard is a good option but, for a very first camp out, why not host it in your dry and safe garage? Kids will be in close proximity to the house and, if they need to, will be able to get you in a second. You can even keep an eye on them with smart access technology throughout the night.


3. Make a fort

If you don’t own camping gear, nothing’s stopping you from using your garage to build a gigantic fort out of cardboard boxes, sheets, and other materials instead. One advantage of using the garage for this is that kids can build as large a fort as they like, without getting in the way or risking breaking something valuable. If you’re able to let them have free reign of the place, it could become a nice place for them to read or even spend the night. Plus, opening the door will allow them to expand their construction to the driveway or develop a system of mazes!


4. Set up a movie night

With this idea, you have two options. You could stretch a sheet or screen on your garage door and project a movie on it from the inside, turning the garage into your very own home movie theatre. Alternatively, you could have the movie projected on the outside. The former is simpler and less subject to disruption from the elements. However, the latter would let you invite neighbours, even if you’re maintaining your distance. Afterall, chairs could easily be set a safe distance from one another! Either way, your garage door is the perfect surface to use for making your own at-home theatre. Don’t forget the popcorn, candy, and a soda station!

Prepare the space

No matter which of these garage ideas you decide to use this summer, it’s important to first ensure that your garage is safe and your kids aren’t in harm’s way.

In addition, there are a number of things you can do to optimize your garage. Depending on the type of activities you’d like to use it for, a glass door may be better suited than a wooden one without any windows. It’s may also be a good idea to consider new flooring and other interior features that could make the space more comfortable.

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