Is Your Garage Really As Safe & Kid-Friendly As Possible?

Most homeowners use their garages for storing more than just their car: lawn mowers, lawn care products, sports equipment, and hand and power tools are just a few of the things that you’re likely to find tucked away in the average garage. This accumulation of things, many of which are sharp, toxic, or otherwise hazardous, can make garages something of a danger zone, especially if you have young children. And if the area’s untidy, this can make matters worse.

Ignoring the lurking hazards in your garage can have grave repercussions. In this week’s blog, we explain why and offer some tips to make your garage safer and more kid-friendly.

Keep chemicals out of reach

Garages tend to be a stock house for a large number of toxic products including fuels, lighter fluid, paint products, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and adhesives. Make sure all containers for toxic products are properly sealed and stored somewhere inaccessible to children, ideally a locked cupboard.

A major one to watch out for is windshield wiper fluid. With its bright blue or purple colour, which resembles Kool-Aid, windshield wiper fluid can be tempting to children. A single mouthful of this solution can cause kidney failure, blindness, and death.


Put away tools and other dangerous items

Many garages double as a tool shed. Tools are sharp and heavy and can look like toys to kids. Be sure to store your tools and hardware materials where children can’t get at them. A locked tool box or tool chest is a great option. And make sure you never keep power tools plugged in.


Get rid of clutter

A cluttered garage can be hazardous. Poorly stacked and precariously hung items might fall off shelves and causing an injury, and things left on the floor may occasion trips and slips. Consider installing storage solutions such as wall shelves, hooks, cabinets, and stackable bins.

In addition to contributing to your family’s safety, decluttering your garage will free up garage space, make it easier for you to find things, and make your garage a generally more pleasant place to spend time. For more advice on organizing your garage, read our in-depth article on this topic.

Lock your car

Cars are another object of temptation for children. First and foremost, never leave your keys in the car. Your child could start it in the garage and get ill from the gas fumes or even put the car into operation and injure themselves in a crash. Keep your keys in a spot that’s safely out of the reach of your children.

In addition, you should keep your car locked at all times. Children can get their fingers crushed in car doors when playing.

Test your garage door opener’s operation

Regularly test your garage door opener to ensure that its safety features are working properly. Check both the photo eye sensors and the auto-reverse mechanism. The photo eyes are the sensors located at either side of your garage door. These cause the door to stop and reverse direction if anyone trips the invisible beam while the door is closing. The auto-reverse function refers to a sensor in the garage door that causes the door to stop and reverse direction if it hits something while closing.

To test the photo eyes, simply introduce an object into their line while the door is closing and see if the door reverses. To test the auto-reverse function, place a two-by-four or another object on the floor and see if the door reverses upon contact.

If the photo eyes or auto-reverse function aren’t working properly, schedule a consultation with a garage door technician.


Inspect and maintain your garage door

It’s important to stay on top of your garage door maintenance. Although garage door failure is rare, it can happen and lead to an injury or worse. In addition, worn extension springs can snap, causing sharp metal fragments to shoot across the room with extreme velocity.

It’s recommended that you get your garage serviced by a professional at least once a year and that you perform various maintenance checks yourself throughout the year. Refer to your user’s manual for more information about maintaining your garage door and garage door opener.

Creative Door Takes Your Safety To Heart

At Creative Door Services, we’re committed to our customers’ safety. All the garage door products we offer have state-of-the-art safety features, and our garage door replacement and repair services meet the highest safety standards. For more information about our products and services, or for more expert advice about making your garage safer, talk to our team today.

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