The holiday festivities are behind us for another year, and now it’s time to look forward. A new year brings a new outlook, and for many, that means plans for a home renovation. New trends forecasting for garage doors takes its cue from home decor. So, we’ve rounded up five notable trends for 2019, and how they carry over to garage door styles.

1. Bold Earthy Colours

Top colours next year are dusty and earthy—think terracotta, chalky tan, muddy pink, muted marsala, leaf green, and sunset orange. The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year is Cavern Clay and their complete 2019 colour forecast can be found here.

Many of our garage doors feature these earthy colours as standard choices: For instance, our Premium Landmark Series garage doors are offered in 12 earth tones such as Sandstone and Desert Tan. But If you’re looking for a precise colour, consider a door made by Wayne Dalton, such as the Classic Steel Model 9600. This garage door is offered with their TruChoice colour system that boasts 6,000 shades—you’re bound to find the right one.

One last thing to note about colour trends for 2019: bold use of colour. We’re not talking about pops of colour here and there; this is big swathes of rich colour splashed onto large spaces such as a ceiling or sizable feature wall—or a garage door.

2. Natural Wood

We think the look of natural wood is beautiful every year, but it’s been singled out as a hot trend in decor next year, particularly handcrafted pieces. If the beauty of handcrafted cedar woodwork appeals to you, we’ve got just the garage door to make a grand impression. The Richards-Wilcox Contemporary Rockwood Landmark Series features cedar overlays that are crafted by hand for elegance that’s exactly on trend.

That said, not everyone wants the upkeep of natural wood. And fair enough. But you can have this convenience and be on trend, too. Gateway Premium Steel Doors by Martin Door offer the look of three precise types of woodgrain stamped into steel, and our Designer Fiberglass Doors offer excellent woodgrain likeness. (Both are practically maintenance-free.)

3. Big Comfort

In home decor, this trend means padded oversize cushions and soft fabrics. For garage doors, it translates to thick insulated panels with snug weather stripping and a heavy-duty bottom seal—because ‘comfort’ in this context is an R-Value that keeps temperatures consistent and the rest of your home cozy.

Again, the Richards-Wilcox Contemporary Rockwood Landmark Series fits this trend like a glove, combining the richness of real wood on galvanized steel with an insulated R-value of 18 and an arctic-grade bottom seal. Chalet by Martin Door is a similarly great fit that swaps real wood for an authentic composite lookalike.

4. Period Pieces

There’s nothing like a peek into the past to foretell the future. Perhaps not surprisingly, the look of bygone eras continues to be strong in 2019 decor—more mid-century modern, anyone? But it’s not only this era that’s being called out; it’s anything that lends a nod to the past.

Our charming Carriage House Doors and reproduction hardware are the best examples of this trend. There’s also a leaning to 1950s tile work—think white vertically stacked subway tile. You can emulate this look with mullion windows or garage door panels that mirror the pattern: Pinnacle H/V Groove garage doors are just the right feel.

5. A Touch of Glitz

And finally, shining amidst all those earthy colours and textures and vintage styles, are glitzy accents that add luxe contrast. Our gleaming Luminous Garage Doors are an stunning accent that will light up your home like no other door. But if that’s more glitz than you bargained for, consider our Copper Elite Series—the bright and brassy copper takes on a matte patina over time for a naturally glamorous look.

Looking for trendsetting curb appeal? Request a free quote from any one of our eight locations: Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg.