No doubt, decorative hardware can bring some embellishment to your garage doors that brims with authenticity, personality, and charm.

Most of our hardware designs reflect the traditional styles of the Craftsman era (1880 to 1920) when the hard work of hand-craftsmanship became a valued counterpoint to industrialization. During this time, the design of nearly everything (not just hardware) took on the simpler forms of North American Arts and Crafts as well as European medieval and romantic styles.

Our decorative hardware captures the rich nostalgia of this bygone era. Most Wayne Dalton hardware is made of black-powder-coated steel with a hand-hammered-look, whereas the hardware on the Richards-Wilcox Carriage House Doors is cast iron made to look like hand-forged wrought iron. Clearly, these styles of hardware and Carriage House Doors go together like—well, a horse and carriage. But these accents—even just a set of door pulls—can lend a traditional touch to our standard Classic Steel and Designer Fiberglass doors.

When designing garage doors, you can opt for hardware styles including Arrow, Spade, Spear, Colonial, Aspen, Conifer, Barcelona, Fleur-de-Lys, and more. To see how each style will look on your chosen garage door, visit our virtual Design Centre where you can try on the various styles and play around with configurations until you’ve got the right look.

Here are a few options for dressing up your doors with decorative hardware:

Hinges extend inward horizontally from the outer sides of the garage door and are positioned at the top and bottom and/or near panel section breaks. These tend to be the most prominent, so they make the most impactful impression.

Lift Handles are fastened to the bottom-centre of your garage door. Note that the handle we’re talking about here is not meant to be functional, as opposed to the handle that may be installed to the inside of your door for manual operation in case of a power outage or malfunction.

Pull Handles are located at the middle-centre of your door and can be added to create a faux carriage house look on a standard door. You could also go with the Briarcrest Series, which is designed to do just that. Most are a curved handle, but there are also L-Handles, which are solid decorative bars with the handles protruding to the side and have a more vintage vibe.

Door Knockers are the most obviously decorative element of the bunch since not many would be tempted to stand at your garage door and knock, but these offer big style that stands out—particularly the Lion’s Head and Fleur-de-Lys models offered by Richards-Wilcox.

Door Studs are small tacks that look like decorative nail heads, kind of like the tacking used in upholstery—and with a similar effect. These can be placed strategically for accent, or arranged in any pattern. Richards-Wilcox Carriage House Series feature rustic square-shape door studs.

Corner Brackets or Angle Brackets are exactly that—decorative bars applied to the corners of your garage door for added definition.

Window Accents bring another layer of ornamentation. Whether it’s an old-world wrought-iron motif on the extra-large windows of your Grandview door, or a gold or pewter round-bar insert pattern on the windows of your Classic Steel door, window design can truly make a statement.

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