7 Ways to Re-purpose Your Old Garage Door

Garage Door Recycling Tips that Add Value to Your Home

Are you having a new garage door installed? Instead of getting rid of your old one, consider giving it a second life. The panels on your garage door are easy to detach if you’re handy and with their durable, quality construction and large surface area, they’re perfect for use in many DIY projects. Here are seven great ways to repurpose your old garage door. 


1.) Build an outdoor bench

Garage doors, no matter what they’re made from, are built to withstand the elements. Their large panels are therefore great for making outdoor furniture. The easiest project is a bench. A single door panel is essentially a ready-made bench. All you need to do is add some supports. If you have a wood garage door and are handy with an electric saw, you an even use one of the other panels for the support structure by cutting it into several pieces and using them as legs.


2.) Assemble raised flower beds

You can make one or two large raised flower beds with wood garage door panels. This is another very simple project, which only involves a few cuts with an electric saw. If you have a smaller door, you can use two full panels for the long sides and cut a third to make the ends. If you have a large one, you can cut panels in half for the long sides.

Just make sure the wood in your garage door is resistant to rot. Cedar and redwood are generally a safe bet.


3.) Build a workbench or table

Wood garage doors can be made into a tabletop for a workbench or picnic table. They can even be used to create a unique rustic dining room table, although that involves a good deal of craftsmanship. For best results, you may want to fill in the pockets between the panelling with epoxy and finish the table with a coat of satin polyurethane or a glass top. This ensures a clean and smooth surface.


4.) Use it as a headboard

With a bit of work, a wood door can be fashioned into an elegant rustic headboard. Unless you have a very small garage door, this will involve carefully cutting it up so that the length corresponds to your bed size and the paneling design retains its symmetry. You’ll also want to strip the paint and add a new colour coat. Chalk paint is a good option if you’re going for a rustic look.


5.) Create picture frames

If you have a wood garage door with a row of windows, then you have the materials to make a handful of picture frames. This is a great project for the craft savvy. It involves some careful sawing and sanding then painting or staining. You may need to clean up the glass, too. The final step is adding the pieces that will allow the frame to accommodate a picture, like clips and a cardboard insert and attaching a picture hanger on the back.


6.) Install a large window

If you want an oversized window that provides bountiful natural light and you’re replacing a glass garage door, you’re in luck. That said, repurposing a glass garage door as a window is no small task. It involves hiring a renovation contractor or other home improvement professionals. But it can have spectacular results and prove more affordable than installing a wall of windows. One of the main advantages to using glass garage doors for an interior window is their high insulation value. And with their sleek look, they harmonize with many modern home interiors.


7.) Make a greenhouse

This is another big project, which either takes some serious DIY skills or some outsourcing. However, if you’re determined, it’s quite possible to use glass garage door panels to form part of the structure for a small or large greenhouse. Your plants will appreciate the insulating ability and large surface area of glass garage door panes.

Those are just some of the ways your old garage door can be re-purposed. Other possibilities include using your garage door panels for shelving units, display cases and more. And, you can probably think of a few ideas yourself if you set your mind to it.

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