Common Garage Door Problems

Your garage door goes through a lot each time you use it, which means the likelihood of it needing repair is inevitable. Being able to identify potential issues can help save you time and money. The following are eight common garage door problems, along with some simple solutions on how to fix them.

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Your garage door is making loud noises

Different sounds usually indicate different problems:

Grinding or screeching? Check the tracks for dirt or debris. Clean with a gentle cleaner to remove buildup.

Squeaking?  Lubricate your rollers or bearings with oil specially designed for garage doors. Run the door up and down a few times to ensure the problem is solved.

Popping noises? This may be the cause of worn rollers. Take a peek to see their condition.

Scraping sounds? Could be a frayed cable.

If you’re unsure, contact a professional, who will inspect your door thoroughly and repair the problem.

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Your garage door is moving unevenly

If your door looks like it’s doing the shimmy, you could have something blocking your tracks. Take a peek and remove any obstruction, making sure to gently wipe it down, especially by the wheels.

If the door is still moving erratically, look at your door’s springs, which should be the same length and stretch. If one looks shorter than the other, give us a call because a replacement may be required.

Your garage door won’t open or close

First, check your remote for dead batteries. If that’s not the cause, look at your keypad to ensure it’s not damaged, and then the automatic garage door opener unit itself.

If they’re all a go, look at the lights on the motor unit. If they’re dead, the motor may have become disconnected to the power supply. If not, check the circuit breaker or fuse next. If the problem still continues, give us a call.

Your garage door opens and closes…just not all the way

If your garage door opens slightly but then immediately closes, you likely need to replace the springs at the top of your door.

If your garage door starts to close but then reverses and opens again, you might have something blocking the sensory beams along the doorway. If there aren’t any obstructions, check your tracks for dirt or debris and, as mentioned in the previous points, gently wipe them clean.

Other reasons your door may not close entirely include an issue with the photo eyes, a broken cable, bent rails, or a worn extension spring—any of these could require replacement. A professional technician can help determine the cause for you.

Your garage door is opening at a turtle’s pace

This is caused by three things:

  • The speed setting on your opener needs adjusting;
  • There is a warped or broken spring that needs replacing; or
  • The tracks, rollers, and/or hinges need lubricating.

Your garage door is closing way too fast

If your door seems to be falling more than closing, chances are, your cables are broken. This is extremely dangerous and requires immediate repair by a professional. Do not replace springs or cables on your own, as there are several safety hazards that could occur—especially without the right knowledge or equipment.

Your garage door is stuck

If you have a remote garage door opener, check its batteries, sensors, and switches to ensure they’re all working. Next, look for barriers in the wheel track. Often, our customers in Kelowna discover a buildup of sand and salt. A simple cleanup of the tracks could fix this problem.

Lubrication may also be needed, as dryer climates like those is Edmonton, can cause garage doors to stick. Another common causes of stuck garage doors is that they are hung unevenly, so give us a call if you think this may be the cause.

Your garage door is possessed

By this, we mean it’s opening and closing on its own. If this is the case, your door likely has one of three issues:

  • Its corresponding remote has dead batteries;
  • There is a circuit board problem; or
  • There is an interfering signal.

If the batteries aren’t dead, give us a call to handle the latter two concerns.

Your garage door is a powerful machine, which is why regular maintenance is key. By lubricating and maintaining your home’s garage door, you’ll can enjoy lower—and fewer—repair costs for many years to come. Remember, never attempt to perform any repairs yourself, as some can be dangerous without the proper tools and education. If you need garage door repairs, call the experts at Creative Door, available at eight branches throughout Western Canada.

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