Dressed for the Weather: Garage Doors That Suit Your Climate

Canada’s west coast offers a range of climates that bring forth distinct elements from nature. Fortunately, we’re here to forecast the best doors for your city so you can prepare ahead for whatever Mother Nature brings your way.


Rain, rain, go away, come again….tomorrow, I guess. And for the next six weeks straight. Sound familiar? Vancouver is in rainforest territory after all, but this also means pleasant, warm temperatures most of the time.

Wayne Dalton’s Modern Glass garage door has an insulated aluminum frame that won’t rust, and the R-value is between 3 and 4.5, which is perfect for Vancouver’s wet climate and year-round mild temps. Along the same line are the all-glass Luminous Garage Doors, a stunning look with an R-value of up to 6. What could be more appropriate for the ‘City of Glass’?



Come summer, Kelowna is scorching hot—all the better for growing wine grapes! Pair this with sandy beaches and mild winters with light snow, and this city is a glass-half-full kind of place.

A balanced choice is the Wayne Dalton Fiberglass Garage Door, which combines the rich look of wood with a suitably moderate R-value between 7 and 9. Plus, the bulb-shaped bottom seal is made for beachside living—it keeps drafts carrying sand and other debris out of your garage.


The ‘Gateway to the North’ is true to its name. Although Winnipeg gets all the hype for being the coldest, Edmonton is further north. Plus, summers are shorter, with autumn arriving mid-August.

Alberta is proud of its Old-West heritage, and Carriage House Doors are popular in Edmonton. That’s why the Richards-Wilcox Echo Ridge Series is ideal: it offers a carriage-house style and a wood grain look but it’s constructed of sturdy steel. Plus, polyurethane insulation and an arctic-grade bottom seal means an R-value of 16 for excellent thermal protection.


Fort McMurray

Even more north than the ‘Gateway to the North’ stands resilient Fort McMurray – a city that very nearly falls into the subarctic climate zone. Even summers can be on the cooler side.

The Richards-Wilcox Grandview Series is a solid choice for Fort McMurray. These doors are built with rust-resistant galvanized steel, an arctic-grade bottom seal, an insulated core, and dual-seal section joints to reduce airflow for an R-value of 16 (and lower energy costs).


From dumps of fresh powder in November to balmy Chinooks in January to floods of biblical proportions in spring, Calgary is the deity of spasmodic weather fluctuations.

This city gets its share of cold in winter, but it generally stays warmer than Edmonton. That’s why Carriage House Steel Doors (Model 6600) by Wayne Dalton are a good fit. They offer style and durability, polyurethane insulation, and tongue-and-groove section joints for an R-value of 12+. And the charming trim overlay boards are weatherproofed.


Saskatoon and Regina

These are sunny cities with a climate similar to other Prairie cities. But they’re also prone to dramatic temperature shifts, prairie gothic thunderstorms, and the occasional tornado (or two).

Both Saskatoon and Regina benefit from a sturdy garage door such as Cornerstone by Martin Door—a premium 24-guage steel door of stoic strength with the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

But Regina’s historic look and feel brings to mind the beautiful patina of Martin Door’s Copper Elite Series. With double insulation plus steel construction for an R-value of 14, that’s a decent stronghold against elements.


In winter, the “Gateway to the West” ushers in a magical combination of frigid temperatures combined with humidity from the east, and strong winds—leaving Winnipeg with a wind chill worse than Mars. By contrast, summers are balmy and can feel hotter than the sun.

Extreme temperature fluctuations need a hardworking garage door that can skate through the elements with style. Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel 8500 model is the go-to here with an R-value of 16+. Or for those who like to go big when they go home, Martin Door’s Chalet hides 24-guage steel, double insulation, and an R-value of 18 behind gorgeous wood composite doors.


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