How to Determine If It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Steel Pedestrian Door and Hardware

Has your steel pedestrian door started to show signs of wear and tear? If so, you may be wondering if it can be repaired or if it’s time to consider having it replaced. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know.

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Types of Damage That Requires Replacement

Eventually, hollow metal pedestrian doors need to be replaced. Although steel doors can withstand high-abuse environments, over time, the continuous impact can take a toll. Here are five types of damage that could indicate it’s time to invest in a replacement.

  1. Misaligned frame. If you notice that the frame around your pedestrian door is no longer level, it’s best to replace the entire assembly. Once the frame becomes warped, the door may stick, get jammed, or fail to close properly, thereby putting your facility at risk of theft and break-ins.

  2. Core damage. Pedestrian doors located in high-traffic areas often face repeated impact from large objects that can damage the core. Unfortunately, once the core has been damaged, it becomes brittle and could impact the integrity of the door. In this case, it’s best to have the entire door replaced to ensure the security of your operation.

  3. Delamination. Exterior pedestrian doors are subject to harsh weather conditions, which can lead to delamination. Consequently, as soon as you notice that your door has become flimsy and has lost its rigidity, it should be replaced. A delaminated door will not be able to effectively withstand the elements and could compromise the safety of your facility.

  4. Rust. Corrosion generally begins on the inside of the door and eventually creates holes in the metal. Therefore, if you notice rust on the exterior of your pedestrian door, it means the core is likely beyond repair and the door will probably need to be replaced. In fact, rust damage can significantly weaken the door, making it susceptible to complete failure.

  5. Vandalism. If your pedestrian door has been subject to vandalism or forced entry, it will likely need to be replaced. Excess force can compromise the core, damage the edges, and skew the frame, thereby preventing it from functioning properly. In addition, severe physical damage to the door may nullify its fire rating.

If it’s time to replace one or more of your steel pedestrian doors, Creative Door ServicesTM has what you need. We carry safe, durable, and cost-effective hollow metal doors that are perfect for demanding work environments.

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Damage That Can Be Repaired

Unlike fibreglass, wood, and aluminum, a major benefit of steel pedestrian doors is that they can be welded, ground, and patched. Here are three examples of damage that can be repaired.

  1. Damaged hinges. Over time, the hinges on your pedestrian doors can begin to wear out and sag, causing the door to become jammed or hang ajar. Fortunately, in most cases, the hinges can easily be repaired by a professional in about an hour.

  2. Holes. The good news is that if your steel pedestrian door has a small hole, it’s possible to patch it without replacing the entire unit. However, you should hire a professional to do this as specific procedures must be followed to ensure its fire rating isn’t compromised.

  3. Dents. If your pedestrian door has surface dents that haven’t penetrated the outer layer, it’s possible to have them repaired. In most cases, this can be done by filling in the dent, sanding down the area, and then repainting so that it looks new again.

If you need to have your man door or automatic pedestrian door repaired, leave it to the professional technicians at Creative Door ServicesTM. Our team will come to your facility, inspect the damage, and promptly repair the door to get your operations back up and running as soon as possible. Request a service today!

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Planned Maintenance Program

In order to save time and money, it’s important to regularly inspect your commercial pedestrian doors to ensure minor repairs are dealt with before they become major issues. Fortunately, at Creative Door ServicesTM we offer a flexible planned maintenance program. Once you sign up for it, one of our trained technicians will visit your property, test, and inspect your pedestrian doors, and let you know if there’s anything that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Pedestrian Doors for Every Application Across Western Canada

If you need to have your pedestrian doors repaired or replaced, look no further than Creative Door ServicesTM. We carry a wide range of commercial and industrial pedestrian doors in a range of sizes, materials, gages, designs, and cores. Our extensive product catalogue also includes options such as blast-resistant man doors and automatic glass doors.

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